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The Church of the Windy Spires

The Church of the Windy Spires

In 1973, OPEC instituted an oil embargo. Denmark used oil for much of its electrical generation and was very hard hit. The government sprung into action, deciding that a century old technology with a fresh coat of paint could be the messiah they needed to save their country. Wind turbines, “clean”, intermittent, variable electricity was better than a blackout. Up went the beautiful white towers, saviors of Denmark.

The church might have withered and died, had it not been for James Hansen and his testimony before the Congress of the United States concerning global warming. Suddenly, the savior of Denmark became the savior of mankind. No more would filthy fossil fuels be used for generating electricity. Clean, pure, wonderful eco-friendly turbines would light up homes–at least some times. That was a problem. Fossil fuels were still needed. What to do? Wait, people would be willing to accept the spires if shamed. People are very cooperative that way.

Enter Al Gore, preacher and politician extraordinaire. With his political connections, he could push the “save the planet” meme. Thus, the Church of the Windy Spires was born. People were told wind had free fuel, that CO2 would be reduced and the planet saved.

However, there was still that pesky problem of needing the free energy but getting no delivery. Fossil fuels or hydro would be needed. Denmark got around this with the help of the European grid. The US had no such grid. Backup plants would still be needed. How to sell the church in the face of this reality?

Two ways:

(1) Electricity is invisible. Your average person has no idea how power works. Over time, the church leaders began began claiming certain industries were 100% renewable and using these companies to shame others who were not yet worshipping in the Church of the Windy Spires. Technically, these businesses were 100% renewable on paper only. They used the same electricity everyone else did, but paid for renewable energy. Thus, their lights stayed on, their air conditioning worked, and no one was the wiser.

(2) Enlisting journalists and scientists to make the claim that wind would eventually stand alone. One popular phrase was “the wind is always blowing somewhere”. Your average citizen would never question that –it seemed logical. If any did question, they were just called deniers or contrarians and ridiculed.

Over time, opposition to the alters of the Church began to arise. People did not share the belief that the church was clean and free energy was cheap. Electric bills went up as spires did. Why even former President Obama openly state bills would go up as people were forced to give up fossil fuels. A backroom flogging was considered, but Barack later saved himself with the signing of the Paris Accord, a huge boost for the Church of the Windy Spires.

It quickly became apparent that wind energy, and thus the Church, could never compete in a free market. Enter Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, who, in the great tradition of Iowans, and in the name of saving the planet, convinced Congress to subsidize the Church of the Windy Spires heavily. Hallelujah! The money flowed like wine. The Church of the Windy Spires started popping up nationwide by the thousands. As everyone knows, once the government blesses an industry with money, the sky is the limit for growth. The Church of the Windy Spires grew and grew.

As an added bonus, the true believers of CAGW began using RPS’s (Renewable Portfolio Standards) to boost the expansion of the church. This was a legal requirement that a certain percentage of a state’s electricity come from renewables. Victory! Even more Churches rose from farmlands and mountain tops, took over virgin prairies and became a status symbol of caring about the planet and our future.

Unfortunately, the opposition continued to grow concerning the beautiful white spires. Some heretics claimed the spires were destroying scenic vistas. While this was very successful for the environmentalists fighting oil and gas, it was summarily dismissed concerning the Spires. The Church made certain that people who dared to try to save the areas once claimed as irreplaceable and of great importance to biodiversity by the environmentalists, yet were now being sacrificed to “save the planet”, were drowned out by praise for the Spires. Other tactics included claims of being a NIMBY, calling people backward and against progress (ironic, since the church was founded on a failed 19th century power source rejected in favor of fossil fuels) and the usual tactics employed when one’s church and free money is threatened.

There also arose questions of the churches harming wildlife, causing illness, decreasing property values and other such whining. The Church of the Windy Spires realized these claims could be called anti-science, anti “save the planet”, and so forth. This for a while seemed to quiet the effectiveness of those who opposed having the Churches in their back yards. Once again, shame works wonders when the facts are not on your side.

In order to avoid some negative publicity for the Church, the time-honored method of bribery was introduced. Huge sums of money were paid to “host” a Spire. It worked. It worked so well that the Churches could renege on the bribes, such as demanding reductions in property tax by claiming the wind had less value than was originally calculated for the Spires production. There were enough desperate, greedy people out there to fall for the ruse over and over again. Spires were coveted by those who adored getting their income without labor.

In 2015, generous Congressmen gave four years of government support to the building of the Spires. This invigorated the church, resulting in thousands more of the Churches being built. President Trump pulled out of the Paris accord but Congress was so very, very generous the Church of the Windy Spires was blessed with much continued government support, no matter the state of climate change or who was in the White House.

There continues to be opposition in some areas, but the Church, in its high virtuous mission of saving the planet marches onward, much like a steamroller, filling its coffers with cash and standing as unmistakable proof that with enough faith an entire planet can be drawn into what was once only a small con game. With the right marketing and political connections, people can be convinced to believe in almost anything. If you have any doubt, the Church of the Windy Spires stands as an eternal testament to mankind’s bottomless gullibility.



One of the Churches of the Windy Spires

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Odds and Ends

In honor of all the true believers out there:

bernie madoff


The new way to save CO2 emissions:
Gravity—it’s everywhere and it’s FREE!  Instead of using gas to drive cars downhill, the car will automatically shut off when a sensor indicates a sufficient slope for gravity to work.  Cars will be retrofitted to compensate for power steering and braking loss when the ignition is shut off.  Perhaps a battery backup can be utilized.  Large vehicles such as semi tractor-trailers will need more costly upgrades.  This cost can be born by the taxpayers through direct grants to tractor-trailer operators and an increase in consumer goods cost.  Buses will have the same problem—costly retrofits which will be covered by taxpayers and consumers.  It’s a small price to pay to save the planet from CO2.

Many, many jobs will be created while doing the retrofits and in maintaining those retrofits. Bluetooth will be installed to connect to GPS and ignition, automatically shutting off the engine as the car goes downhill. These modifications will not be optional.  If not made, the car cannot be licensed.  We can exempt ambulances and police vehicles from the gravity use modifications if models indicate this is necessary. An app will be available to calculate the speed your car will be going down hill based on the weight of your car and entering speed.  Just an FYI to make the downhill runs more pleasurable and to show you how well gravity is working.  Gravity is very reliable— it always works and always at the same rate—it’s physics! How could you argue with physics?  Some states may need to remove laws from books that say one cannot coast downhill, but in view of the importance of saving the planet, this should be no problem.

Coasting downhill should save a significant amount of fossil fuels, which is why we need to immediately begin work on adapting all vehicles to use this free fuel.


Gypsy wagons, total eclipses

Modern society still follows the gypsy wagon and is still buying the medicine show, only with government subsidies for the gypsies. People are not noticeably smarter than in the past, they just have more tech. Modern societies no longer think world is ending when a total eclipse occurs, but rather, the world ending will be due to an invisible gas that is produced by modern society. I think it was probably better to believe a total eclipse is end of world—this belief was much more quickly dispelled when the world was still there unchanged after the sun returned in its entirety.  Thereafter, the profits of doom who said the eclipse was a serious sign of impending disaster had to modify what they were preaching . They could have pointed out more rain, less rain, more violent storms, more insects, less insects, etc were actually now, after the eclipse, signs that we were not safe at all and more money needed to be spent on their snake oil to prevent coming doom.  Today, the profits of doom point to CO2 as the new threat to the future.  To reinforce that belief, they point to the usual weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods) and claim these are increasing and a direct result of raising CO2.  This belief is more difficult to break than the “the sun blacking out midday” is as a sign of impending doom.  The antagonists can invoke “science” as a justification, something the profits of doom never had to contend with when using the total eclipse as the sign of end times.   This enemy is invisible, but apparently very easily sold when coupled with “science”.  The gypsy wagons could have been so much more profitable and respected if they had only had “science” on their side.  Modern society is proof of this.


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The Latest

Before my rant on Wyoming, I thought I should mention a very interesting irony.  In 1973, Denmark started throwing up turbines after losing their oil to the oil embargo.  Apparently, Denmark’s major source of electrical power generation was dependent on OPEC.  Now, over 50 years later, rumors are surfacing the Europe will be dependent on Russian natural gas for their heat and electricity.  Russia may be the only source they have.  Thing have come full circle and shown a bright light on the complete failure of wind plants to save Europe from having it’s energy source cut off by the single supplier.  What a huge waste of money and resources the useless renewables were.  Nothing changed….


Warning: Do not move to Wyoming if you love open spaces, hunting, hiking or care in the least about the environment. Wyoming’s elected officials—Matt Mead, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso among others—HATE those things and are doing everything in their power to destroy these things. These people do NOT care about Wyoming residents. They care about money and nothing else.

On the other hand, if you want a taste of the Old West, where the rich and powerful just ran rip-shod over anyone who got in their way, this may be the place for you (more persons to trample are needed). If you want money to be more important than human beings or wildlife, this is the state for you. If you loved Obama, this is the state for you. If you want to live under thousands of alters to Obama and Gore, cheer the killing raptors (if you hate eagles, Wyoming is the place for you), and want to participate in the re-enactment of the range and cattle wars of old (except using government officials and lawyers instead of paid gunmen) playing the LOSING side, Wyoming may be for you. If greed and lack of caring are the major drivers of your life, you probably can be elected here and make a six figure salary while your constituents lose their income. The leaders of Wyoming are working hard to cover the state in turbines and power lines. If you think wind power is the way to go, move here. Be sure to bring plenty of money—there won’t be any jobs for you. If that’s a problem, too bad.

If your children are being taught that the Gold Rush was immoral and resulted in extreme environmental damage, remind them that wind and solar are doing the exact same thing.  They should understand the cleanup they are in for in the future.  As for learning history so we don’t repeat it, we repeat it anyway.  Human beings are very, very slow learners.

If you’ve heard those ads for 35 acre land for sale, etc, be aware your neighbors will be 50 or 60 400 ft. spinning propellers. If not today, it will come. The only thing Wyoming  values is to build thousands of turbines to impress the Greens and enrich the wealthy out-of-state billionaires. If you love slaving away to support these activities, then being shafted later on, Wyoming is the place for you.

Welcome to Wyoming, sucker.

Casper Wind2DSCN2626DSCN2534


End today’s rant.

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In honor of the current situation in Wyoming:




You can shaft us anytime.



Just leave the money on the bureau when you leave.




Speed Star 1.1453370  00


The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2

Not to be outdone by the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant (aka Chokecherry/Sierra Madre), a company out of Venezuela and backed by China is constructing The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2 (there are too many names for the tiny pieces of the wind plant used to get special treatment as a “small” electric provider to name here) in what used to be a wonderful place to hunt antelope.  But who needs antelope when you can build a shrine to the greatest environmentalist in history—he won the Nobel Prize, after all.  At one time, this was prime sage grouse territory, but after the feds stopped trying to list the birds, Wyoming feels free to destroy their home territories with impunity.  After all, what is more important?  Birds that do a stupid mating dance or wind plants to honor Obama?   I think we all know the answers to that.

The Legacy Wind Plant will produce 1875MW of energy when the wind blows.  Zero when it doesn’t.  Besides stopping hunting and displacing sage grouse, the turbines will provide a constant reminder of Wyoming’s commitment to stop the use of evil fossil fuels and move to wind and solar (I know, Wyoming says “all kind of energy, including energy from weather, but we all know that’s just to placate oil and coal until they’ve been run out of the state.  Seriously, no one builds these kinds of alters to an environmentalist and really intends to keep pulling those evil fossil fuels out of the ground.) as people drive from Casper to Laramie to sports events.  A turbine jungle that goes on for miles and miles, instead of that useless open space.  Forget the sagebrush sea, wildlife, open spaces, all that nonsense.  It’s all about Barack.

Even more generous, Wyoming is doing all this knowing the proceeds from the wind energy will go out of state or out of the country.  Wyoming gets a boost from its attempt to apologize for electing Trump (a major faux pas—although Wyoming’s senators made sure that wouldn’t change Wyoming’s love for Obama and his policies by extending the PTC till 2020) and looks ecofriendly.  California gets the electricity, thus aiding in Gov. Brown overcoming the taint of Trump and allowing Gov. Brown to show the world how truly ecofriendly the US is.  Wyoming gladly destroys its open spaces and wildlife to honor such a wonderful human being.

Wyoming—apologizing daily for voting in Trump and building permanent alters to the gods of environmentalism.  You just can’t get more liberal and Democrat than that.



More current Wyoming alters to Obama

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Living in a fantasy world

It’s Friday, the last day of June.  The uninformed who comment that wind turbines on the plains make sense because the wind blows all the time have been shown to be wrong much of the month. Yesterday, the wind blew above 8 miles per hour for less than 6 hours. Seventy-five percent of the day, there was no energy from weather being produced. None. This morning, it is a roaring 3 mph. It has not risen over 8 mph and we are one-quarter of the way through the day. Where is “blows all the time”? It’s in the same category as energy from weather—a complete myth, a fabrication of an uneducated mind. People believe things because they like the idea, because the one time they visited a place it was windy so it must be all the time, etc. Such behavior allows pseudoscience and myth to flourish. It also endangers human life. Imagine if people in large numbers started to believe gravity wasn’t real. Worse still, if they refused to believe the evidence that walking off the top of a high building was fatal. They would believe, instead, that the person did not die and was whisked away to keep anyone from finding out gravity no longer worked. At one time, that was called “psychosis”, a disconnect from reality. Today, in many cases, it’s called the PC belief and there are consequences for not subscribing to it. I still hold out hope that requiring homes to run off a wind turbine with no storage or backup would enlighten people, but the will to deny reality is strong. There are days I suspect people would simply lie about having electricity when they needed it, rather than admit their fantasy about energy from weather was wrong.

Another belief is the grid is not destabilized by wind energy. The wind went from 4 mph to 35 mph and down to 4 mph again twice on June 28th. It did the same thing yesterday, but only once and the wind was somewhat below 30 mph. Output went from zero to max and down in two hours or less. In the real world, we’d call that a killer spike, one that takes out the surge protector, then whatever was supposed to be protected. In the real world, this would result in equipment damage, equipment burnout, and other negative consequences. In the world of energy from weather, it’s nothing more than a tiny blimp in the current. There is a huge disconnect between reality and the beliefs about wind energy.

How does one fight a delusion? How does one teach people that those who eagerly lie and mislead for their own profit are not the saviors of the world? Perhaps it’s not too late. Australia was somewhat shaken when they lost all power in a high wind event. The usual suspects screamed it was not wind’s fault, but the belief in that statement seemed sparse. Over time, the memory will probably fade and the fantasy may once again be sold to the public.

I often hear how we must “save the planet for our children” and they will blame us when CO2 destroys the place. I suspect our grandchildren or greatgrandchildren will never know there were lights, or plumbing, or anything other than dire poverty and war, not because of global warming, but rather the greed and stupidity of people who bought the fairy tale of energy from weather.  That will be “storms” Hansen’s grandchildren inherit. Energy poverty created from a belief in fantasy.

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The Coming Storms

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Forget Trump saving us

Those of you celebrating Trump’s victory and his pulling us out of the Paris Accord can forget celebrating any fewer turbines going up—in fact, expect more and more.  There has been a significant increase in installations.  Why?  Because the people elected by the states are determined to destroy this country for their own edification and cash.  The rich get richer and so do those who vote in tax credits and subsidies.

Make no mistake—this will reach the disaster level that gold mining, deforestation, etc did in the past.  Your children, courtesy of their parents voting and apathy, will have less stable energy, extremely expensive energy and all to make billionaires richer.  People demonize oil, yet many of the billionaires in this GOT RICH FROM OIL.  Suddenly, the demon oil guy is the new hero?  People are just flat-out stupid.  I cannot emphasize enough what gross stupidity is doing to this country.  No wonder there’s an email a day on “free energy”.  I bet they make millions.  It is terrifying that in an “advanced” country like the USA, “perpetual motion machines” are sanctioned by the government and advertised as saving the planet.  The only things these PMM’s do is make people rich and those who buy into the scheme poorer.  Our education system must be one of the worst in the world.  Science is dead, superstition and wizardry rule.

Next time someone tells you how great wind energy is, remind them the wind energy sector is exactly like oil or any gold rush industry—destructive, greedy and environmentally damaging.  The fact that someone supports wind energy merely tells you they hate the environment and love billionaires pillaging the environment for more wealth.  That’s an evil position, pure and simple.

Perhaps it’s best if you start now telling your children what evil was rained upon them by the greed of the wind industry and the hatred of people by environmentalists.  Maybe they can plan ahead and learn to grow their own food, live with candlelight and realize the pollution and death associated with “clean energy” was nothing but a “get-rich-quick” scheme sanctioned by the people their parents elected.  Perhaps then they won’t be quite so miserable.  They may even forgive you.  Maybe.


The Gold Rush of the 21st century—greedy, damaging and decades to clean up


Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.