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If wind is the answer, why all the lies and misrepresentation?

Apple and Google and several others claim to be 100% renewable, so, as an act of self-preservation, we should reroute their electricity and bypass the grid.  Wire them to a “wind plant” or a “solar plant”.  After all, they want to save the planet, right????

It’s time we demanded honesty from the liars of the environmental “lie a minute” lobby.  When people find that NO FOSSIL FUELS means NO INTERNET, NO CELL PHONES AND NO APPLE TV, it won’t sell nearly as well.  I actually predict panic when the electronic SOMA called a “smart phone” dies and there’s no access to social media because the wind isn’t blowing and the sun is set.  Massive even massive riots.  We can always hope.

Now, we need an electrical engineer to aid in this, one willing to take massive risks to save the children and grandchildren they CLAIM to love.  I want to see if anyone really cares at all or we should just start teaching our kids to grub for worms and live in caves.  The lucky ones can serve the wealthy who will have plenty of food and shelter and energy.  A real-life version of the apocalypse.  Exactly what people are begging for.

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The Coming Darkness

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No Sympathy

No sympathy

I want to be clear on something–all the greedy, selfish uncaring states that started wind energy and the PTC and continued to drain the taxpayers, raise costs and spreading wind cancer–when this bites you on the back side, I DO NOT CARE. People think they can control greed and destruction, reign it so they make lots of money, but the monster won’t devour you in the end. Stupid has terrible consequences and we are seeing this. Iowans are apparently discovering this in the last year. I have zero sympathy.

(https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/investigations/readers-watchdog/2018/08/01/iowa-wind-turbines-energy-neighbors-midamerican-energy-bridges-madison-county-dexter-adair/809981002/ for information on Iowa’s downfall)

For years I’ve told people how stupid and irresponsible it is to toss tidbits to a monster and think it won’t turn on you, yet the belief continues. I can see no way to reach those who deny reality–until reality slaps them hard. It’s a tough way to learn, but it seems more and more common. Denying reality until the consequences are massive and very, very bad is a great way to destroy your future and a very popular one.

I broke association with a Wyoming legislator for this reason. He “supports wind” but wants to tax it. He wrote about the environmental damage, etc, of wind and his kid’s futures and their losses due to this, but then said it was fine to destroy anything as long as you tax it. Killing birds, destroying open spaces, raising electrical costs, getting a tax break for Warren Buffet are all just a-okay with adequate tax revenues. Just never criticize wind. Keep chucking those treats to the wind monster and hope your kids don’t freeze to death when the power goes out. Forget them hunting, or fishing or enjoying nature. That’s so yesterday. Today, MONEY is what we need and it’s fine to destroy whatever it takes to get it. The state can literally go to hell as long as there is money coming in.

Not that this is new. I have repeatedly said governors and legislators would sell their wives, children and grandmothers to Satan for a buck. Money is all that matters to Wyoming.

Now there is Wind Wyoming’s Way–aka greedy and cowardly, like all the other idiot states out there. So kiddies, when Daddy and Grandpa’s wind love destroys your state, thank them for their “caring” aka greed and cowardice. Don’t worry about what your future could have been if kissing behinds and going along had not been the motto of the decade. Besides, your schools tell you we have 12 years left and we are all going to die anyway. Why not make a lot of money fast?

Stopping wind is tough when GREED and COWARDICE are so very, very prevalent in America. I at times figure if no one loves their kids and their futures enough to fight, then it really doesn’t matter. We’ve lost the battle anyway. Socialism and energy poverty are the future of America and it is indeed what Americans show they want every day.


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dscn1947 (1)

These are the “We can shaft the daylights out of you” wind turbines south of Glenrock. (The picture is a telephoto shot from my bedroom window.) GREED incarnate. A modern incarnation of the gold rush, where the rich can run rip shod over everyone’s rights in order to scoop up that tax revenue and RPS advantages of useless Weather From Energy. Again, as in the gold rush, zero concern exists for the environment, other people or the future. It’s all about getting as much money as one can by destroying anything in the way.

The plant was fought in court but reportedly sneaked in over the angry protests of the town residents. After all, the rich ranchers NEED that money. So does the oil company guy with a ranch in the area. Since none of these people actually live anywhere near the turbines, they don’t give a whit about what happens. It’s MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. I truly believe they’d plow the prairie under, kill every single wildlife specimen they can get in their sights and burn out any people who got in the way. Nothing says greed and destruction like the wind industry. In the end, wind will destroy more scenic areas and species than the gold rush and oil industry–but only for the sake of greed. There is ZERO utility in wind–it is nothing but destruction. Nothing.

Now, one of our legislators is trying to get a tax on wind energy, because he’s such a coward he will not oppose wind. He just thinks taxing it will work to slow the growth. First, as soon as any money comes in from wind, recipients will be out recruiting more and more and more. His kids will live in the turbine jungle he created due to lack of a spine. Second, a tax won’t stop these things. Wind just finds another way to rip off people.

These turbines are why I shut down my business of selling pictures and DVDs, etc of Wyoming. It was the final eye opener to the liberal, environmentally hateful nature of Wyoming rulers and the elite. I realized Wyoming is virtually no different than California or Colorado–interested only in destroying oil and gas while wiping out the scenery and wildlife with turbines. We haven’t changed a bit since the Johnson County cattle wars where the rich eliminated all competition with impunity. Selling photos of the beauty our rulers despise seemed pointless. I guess I could have switched to photos of money and sold those as the true Wyoming….

As it stands, there are 11 turbines to the south of my home, 200 plus to the northeast, 46 to the southeast and over 200 to the east and south of my cabin. There simply is nothing worth photographing anymore and that undoubtedly makes the Governor and all the rulers very, very happy. Destruction of the West is the motto of the rulers. If you were considering moving to Wyoming, think twice. Oil and gas may be up now, but let a Democrat be elected to the presidency and you can count on massive destruction of this state by the environment pillagers that pretend they are saving the planet. Wyoming is nothing but a dumping ground for the elites. (And PROUD of it, sad to say.)

Nothing says greed, contempt, hatred and dislike for humanity and the planet as do wind plants and the wind industry.


Casper Wind2

11 turbines to the south of my house–I can just see the blades out my south window and drive by them every time I go to town

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Turbines visible from my ranch (this photo is taken much closer to the turbines than my cabin sits and shows only a few of the 200 plus turbines)


Telephoto picture of the turbines to the north and east

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The wind is always blowing somewhere

You hear that all the time from the wind energy.  You also hear “Wyoming wind is always blowing”.  Actually, it’s not always blowing and today it was blowing way too hard.  However, none of it matters if the turbines look like this:

Casper Wind2

Yes,  I mean EXACTLY like that.  As in not turning.  The Chevron wind plant has been virtually motionless for over six weeks.  One morning early we observed them turning for less than half an hour, never all at once and for very brief periods.  Other than that, nothing.  The first day, we thought the turbines had cut out due to the high wind.  However, time went by and they still failed to turn.  That continues through today—dead in the water, not moving.

Considering this is 11.5% of 2018 that we can verify the turbines did not turn, their actual production is going to be “less than optimal” for the year.  All those taxes that the state thought they would get are not coming either.  No generation, no taxes.

Tell me again how these things save the planet and generate revenue, because I must be missing something.

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“In the Moment” Hydro

Always searching for the next revolutionary FREE energy!

What if hydroelectric energy was done like wind energy? The government doles out energy tax breaks and money handouts for building hydro plants on any creek that has sufficient flow at least 10% of the time. NO dam is built, just the creek flow utilized. Estimated costs run just over $2 million dollars per plant, plus maintenance and tie-in to the grid. Tax breaks, etc, will cover three-quarters of the cost. And every creek that has sufficient flow to produce any amount of electricity over time can be used and a plant built. Since the flow is just through the turbines, fish may end up dead, but it’s a small price to pay for “free electricity” and “saving the planet”. How about it? Coming soon to a creek near you—“in the moment” hydro. (Think old-fashioned water wheels that were used to grind grain. Just like windmills that pumped water. Waterwheels were great then, why not use Them for a completely different thing now and claim we’re using an old idea for a “modern” use and the idea has been around for centuries, so it must be good.)

Some creeks will average enough flow to make a fair amount of electricity. Of course, snow melt fed creeks may occassionally be dry,then runoff will fill them, then cold weather stops the runoff, then runoff again. Drought may dry some streams up for a while, etc. Heavy rains will mean you have power to spare. Flooding, and the plant shuts down. No rain, no runoff, no power. Remember, though, you get some power and some is better than none, right?


Our next free energy source

How about it? Let’s use energy from weather to its fullest with “in the moment” hydro.

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Death by wind cult

Death by Wind Cult

Greetings suicidal wind cult members.  This summer, many of you would have died of heat stroke because you believe in the Wind Gods and lies of the Church of the Windy Spires.  I have heard fools say over and over that the wind always blows in Wyoming.  Okay, but that stupid, wrong, irresponsible lie will kill you in the end.  It does NOT blow in the summer, when people often need the electricity the most.  There are days where it blows very little.  Even on a “good” day, you’re lucky to 1/2 to 3/4 of the rated capacity.  Which equals no A/C and death by heat stroke.  No lights, nothing.  Because you believe.

Death by stupid is not at all uncommon and sadly it’s rarely preventable.  People worship stupidity and lies.  It’s what they do.  Cults consist of very rich people living off the stupid sheep that follow them.  It is the same with the Wind Cult.  Billionaires get richer while the stupid sheep say oil companies are evil for making money.  The sheep are too ignorant and apathetic to learn that Big Wind makes BILLIONS and much of it is stolen from tax payers.  The believers, however, do not care.  They believe.  The fact that the physics of wind make it impossible to use in modern society does not matter.  They believe.  The destruction of the landscape and wildlife does not matter.  They believe.  It’s a fully faith based Wind Cult which in the end will kill its members and a lot of innocent bystanders, but they do not care.  They believe.

So, Wind Cult members, here’s to you.  Taking your place among those who died stupid, worthless deaths by believing the lies of few billionaires that hated you and used you.  Death by stupidity is basically a worthless death, but it’s your death.  You can die however you want.  Hopefully, non-believers will be smart enough to flee the area before they go with you.  If not, well, failure to recognize danger is generally fatal.  The cult should have been stopped decades ago.


Church of the Windy Spires


                                   Fatal last words


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Elections; Wind does not blow somewhere all the time

Letter to the editor I recently submitted:

“Some of the gubernatorial candidates in Wyoming are all for wind and solar. Some also state they are businessmen. Putting aside the scam of wind for the moment, to be “for wind and solar because they are part of the energy mix” is as foolish and uneducated as to sell Chevy at your Ford dealership because “they are part of the mix” or campaigning for both the Democrat and the Republican candidate because “they are part of the mix”. Wind and solar are not part of the mix. They are to replace oil, gas and coal. That is the stated goal of having wind and solar. This, even though they actually do virtually nothing but make millionaires more money and damage the environment, due their completely unreliable, random nature. So some of our candidates are supporting destroying scenic Wyoming views (they say they care about), building 400 ft spinning towers that kill raptors and bats and benefit only the lobbyists and owners for no real benefit to Wyoming. Wyoming may get a pittance in property tax and a paltry $1 a MW tax from these eyesores. Anyone know how much that amounts to? Compare that quantity to the stated capacity factor of wind and you get the idea of what a sham this is. Why would a businessman support such a thing?
Let’s see: Our “businessmen” candidates are for selling and supporting the competition’s useless, damaging product. Wow, that’s the kind of thinking that made Wyoming such a business mecca. Personally, I would prefer someone who understood the scam, was farsighted enough to see that the minute Democrats win the government back they will try to shut real energy down as fast as practicable and Wyoming will be shut down with it. And the residents may have voted to support those who wanted the “green energy” that took down the state, allowed the elected candidate to be liked by the press and the left, and tossed Wyoming out in the cold. Supporting one’s own demise. Not my idea of a great choice.”

Political season is extremely frustrating to me.  It reminds me how uneducated and apathetic human beings are.  Not to mention the endless droning lies the candidates throw out there.  I wouldn’t vote for most of them no matter what.


In another vein, it has been some of the hottest days of the year recently and not a turbine turning. No help on that “peak” energy need, and if you were using only wind, you’d have been sitting in a very hot, dark house for most of a week. That’s because in spite of what the wind lobby claims, the wind does not always blow. Well, maybe somewhere, but the logistics of providing 24/7 with a system like that is probably more complicated that space flight to another galaxy. Not something I would be my future and comfort on.  Next time a wind believer says the “wind is always blowing somewhere” consider this map from 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.55.50 PM

To produce useful wind energy, you have to be in the yellow area and over 15 to 20 mph. Also, there has to be enough wind to both cover the area currently served by the wind power, PLUS all those green areas.  As you can clearly see, we’re out of electricity over large portions of the country if we depend on the wind always blowing somewhere.



Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.