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Reasons to Support Wind


Lack of knowledge on electrical and power systems

Lying so your boss won’t fire you

Blind allegiance to the green philosophy


The belief that Warren Buffet and Peter Anschutz should have more money and your customers and constituents should provide it

Believing any job is a good job no matter how limited

Belief 400 foot spinning towers can blend into the landscape people supposedly love

No concern for your children or grandchildren having power

Hatred of raptors and bats

Belief it’s okay to kill the planet to save it

Belief in perpetual motion machines and alchemy


Reasons for opposing wind

Desire to have reliable power

Recognition that destroying landscape around the world so you can virtue signal is wrong

Concern for future generations

Understanding that power and electronics that are intermittent, failed 19th century model are wrong to foist upon people as punishment for not worshipping Gaia

Believing it is wrong to oppress the poor with worthless technology that raises their bills

Wind can’t stand alone–demand no shared power lines into buildings (knowing this will fail)

Understanding that the good the money wasted on these turbines could actually have made people’s lives better had it not been wasted on fantasy power

Love of raptors and bats

Understanding science and economics predict failure of this idea so we are wasting money and resources on a failed idea



How to destroy the planet while claiming to save it


(The Y-Files will return next post.)

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Y? (cont.)

Glen: Morning. I looked up some information last night.

Joe: On?

Glen: Those propellors and boxes. They were found in New Canada, Reunited Europe and a few places in Industrial China, but not in United Korea. There were few in the southern hemisphere.

Felix: Any more ideas on what these are?

Glen: It was the Dark Period. Society had seemed to advance to space satellites, moon shots, space station. We’ve found archaic computer devices, hand-held mostly. Towers made of steel. There is speculation the towers were creating a communication network. Town sites we’ve excavated show violent conflict–burned out buildings, bodies not buried. Destruction everywhere. No one found any power sources for the homes or electronics.

Mark: None?

Glen: New Japan once excavated around the shoreline and found high radioactivity in one area. Some said it was nuclear power.

Felix: Fission?

Glen: Yes, there’s no evidence society had achieved fusion. Then, further excavating turned up buried radioactive rods from fusion. What’s curious is even with just fusion, there should have been plenty of power. Yet the dark ages fell and society disappeared.

Mark: Surely these propellers and boxes had nothing to do with power. I’m thinking Glen is right–they were to guard against intruders. Maybe some kind of EMT emitter.

Joe: We’ve found no evidence there ever were EMTs–that’s just a theory with little evidence.

Al: I know. However, with all the coils and magnets,you have to consider the possibility.

Curt: Okay, EMT is possible I suppose. Could explain the Dark Period.

Al: Look, we’ve unearthed power lines or what look like power lines. This is the Dark Period level. There should be no power lines. How can this be?

Glen: We need to do more research before we come up with an hypothesis on what these items are.

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DSCN6777              DSCN7981why

In the year 2513, archeologists uncovered huge propellers on metal posts. There were more than 100 in just one are. They set about carefully digging up the propellors and towers, all the while speculating about how the propellers ended up buried.

Duane: Anyone here have any ideas on where these came from? Why would anyone put a bunch of propellers together in one place? And those towers—and concrete everywhere.

Glen: Maybe there were some kind of “raised village”. The propellers drove away the enemy?

Joe: Carl and Dennis found some huge metal boxes with wires and stuff at another site. Maybe the people lived in the boxes?

Glen: Another guy found similar boxes offshore in Old Europe. Said the boxes were full of furniture from the 21 century. Very creepy—living in a tiny metal box. Must have been a fearsome enemy.

Duane: There must be a hundred propellers here. Maybe we can find boxes here. Keep digging.

Mark: There are a bunch of small square boxes with all kinds of wires.

Duane: You mean like electrical wires?

Mark: Yeah.

Duane: This was around the time the Dark Period began. If there are wires and stuff, that might mean there was still electricity.

Al: We know the earlier years of the 21st century had electricity. They had lights, planes, phones, computers. A group in New Canada found some relics of this. All were very primitive by today’s standards.

Duane: Did anyone ever decipher the disks or drives?

Felix: Not yet. They have a crack team in Washington working on it.

Mark: Wires, propellers and towers—anyone think this might have been used to generate power?

Duane: Really, Mark, it was the 21st century. Why would they be using such primitive 19th century methods of making power?

Curt: We can’t really know due to the Dark Period.  It does seem very odd such an advanced society would use such primitive methods of making electricity, though.  I’m going with an enemy and the propellers repelled them.


(to be continued)

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Christmas time again

I read that that the various MSM suspects are out warning about Santa and global warming:

Laplanders are being affected by climate change due to more warming than elsewhere, reindeer pulling a heavy sleigh are emitting too much methane, and Santa is moving to the south pole, complete with an announcement that Santa has signed an agreement to relocate, making him a climate refugee and one paper saying belief in Santa may help children think counterfactually due to belief in flying reindeer (I think that last one is a positive, but not sure). Last year, reindeer were shrinking due to climate change.  All of this overlooks the fact that Santa built a workshop on floating ice out in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t see how global warming is a big deal to him, but who am I to say?

So, once again, this is the real threat to Santa Claus due to the global warming scam:

img088 copy

Happy Holidays!

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Pictures of where wind turbines come from



Go to the link to read the write up on this “clean” energy.  Then when someone mentions just how “green” wind plants are, after you try to stifle your uncontrollable laughter, you can mention what you learned here today.

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Time to be brutally honest about wind “energy”

(sent as Letter to Editor)

Again, the topic of wind “energy” comes up. There are only four reasons to support wind (1) one cannot comprehend the situation, (2) willful ignorance, (3) political expediency and/or (4) monetary gain. Energy from weather is nothing but lie after lie. It’s not ecofriendly, it’s not “free, unlimited fuel”, it helps only to enrich the already rich, causes ecological damage in third world countries due to mining and refining the needed materials, and destroys birds and land areas.

The turbines save so little, if any, CO2 they couldn’t keep the temperature of the earth lower if we covered the planet with them. That, of course, would destroy millions of acres of wildlife habitats and human habitats , the steel, cement, etc would quickly deplete supplies for other things (wind is renewable, wind turbines are not) and still humanity would not have dependable energy. CO2 would be saved only because industries shut down. Why bother with the turbines–just mandate industries close and save us a lot of money.

People ask how those who don’t believe in catastrophic climate change are going to explain to their grandchildren how things work out. I want to know how those who robbed taxpayers, destroyed the environment and ran rip-shod over opposition are going to explain the disaster they have wrought upon their grandchildren. Dependable energy gave us our modern lifestyles. Take it away and poverty ensues. Gifting their grandchildren with energy from weather is wrong in so many ways. Demanding their grandchildren give up their future for worthless wind “energy” is cruel and immoral.

Next time you hear a wind “believer”, ask yourself which category that individual falls into.


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Never buying M&Ms again

Seems the evil people at M&Ms are going to promote wind power, aka energy from weather.  As I have stated before, I consider anyone promoting the lie of wind to be downright evil and will not do business with them if I can avoid it.  Using candy to damage the environment, kill birds and destroy open spaces is evil.  There just no other word.  Only morally bankrupt people do this.  So, no more M&Ms.

Another interesting development:

Cowboy Fire sparked by wind turbine burning on 1,592 acres near Evanston

Wind turbine failure ignites prairie fire. I call it failure because bursting into flames is generally not the hoped for outcome. While it’s true that any “power plant” can catch fire, consider there are literally thousands of turbines per state, each with the ability to ignite and then ignite the area below them. Since they are 300 to 400 feet in the air, there’s no good way to put them out. A helicopter drop might help, at least to keep the fire from spreading, but there is a lot of flammable material in a wind turbine nacelle. Each one has the potential to ignite.


Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.