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Revisiting posts

Lest anyone think I am exaggerating on the wind invasion of the once scenic Wyoming, I researched turbines going into the vicinity of my cabin (now being sold—any turbine lovers out there looking for a recreational area?) or on route to it.  There are the following going in, according to the DEQ and local papers:

Boswell Springs  170 turbines  (currently on hold due to dispute)

Ekola Flats  100 turbines

Lucky Star  200 turbines

Two Rivers  77 turbines

TB Flats  200 turbines

This is over a period of approximately four years.  That’s 747 turbines in only three counties.  Highly over-crowded and destructive.  So much for open spaces, preserving wildlife, historic areas or anything whatsoever that was once Wyoming.  Add in the 1000 turbines Anshutz is putting in on the no longer historic, no longer a ranch (though that’s on hold, while he still gets the PTC no matter how long it takes, it seems) and you have 1800 turbines.  Plus, 120 turbines in Roundhouse west of Cheyenne (for the benefit of Colorado, of course.  God forbid they destroy their lovely state).

There are also plans for an additional 48 turbines NE of Glenrock (proud recipient of several hundred already) and 47 NE of Evanston (west side of the state).  By my count, which may not be 100% accurate, there are 836 turbines in the SE corner of Wyoming:


White line shows border of area I am addressing


The motivation for every one of these was MONEY.  Towns did not care what citizens wanted.  Ranchers lied about caring about ranching while turning their former ranch into a power plant (funny, I wonder how many would “host” a natural gas plant for backup.  Yet 400 to 500 foot steel towers with spinning blades is somehow “green”.  Only to the most greedy or ignorant.  These are INDUSTRIAL wind and the Industrial Siting Council permits them.  There is nothing rural, farm or anything similar.  It is industrialization of huge segments of areas with too few people to fight back.  The UN called this a violation of human rights.  Funny, when the UN speaks on climate change we are supposed to listen, but human rights?  Who cares????)

I must add that the stupidity of humans plays into this.  A friend told me people actually believe this destruction will provide jobs and make their towns bigger and better.  Not to mention the bribes from the wind companies in the form of playgrounds, etc.  Eighty percent of the workforce is from out-of-state and will leave when the projects are over.  Permanent jobs are well under 50 per installation (way less, as far as I can tell) and MOST will go to out-of-staters who have the training and clout to get them.  Many of the jobs pay less than half of what is paid by fossil fuel industries.  The turbines will do zip for these gullible fools.  No jobs, ruined landscape, now living in industrial parks.  It boogles the mind.

Imagine your recreational area surrounded by nearly 747 NEW turbines.  This does not include the 200 to 400 already there.  Over a thousand turbines to drive through, watch the blinking lights destroy the night sky, and watch your rural area industrialized for NOTHING but MONEY.  I cannot emphasize how much damage is done for NO BENEFIT other than financial.  NONE.  Yet the cult of AGW continues to worship these things and greedy towns and states destroy their environment with them.  Many of these 1000+ are in sage grouse areas, but since Trump was elected, the “deal” about sage grouse means nothing.  If only the ESA had had the sense to list them.  Now, they don’t have a chance.  But who needs a stupid bird when you can make MONEY?  (Note:  If there really was any benefit to these turbines, that would have to be weighed against the birds.  However, tax breaks and billion-dollar bonuses for the ultra-wealthy with zero other benefit?  Might as well just plow the birds and the prairie under, hand over the money and smile.  The damage is less permanent to the prairie, though probably not the birds.  It’s also far more honest.)

All of this damage could have been avoided with fossil fuel plants and natural gas or coal.  The goal of AGW is obviously to kill the patient, not save it.


Mile upon mile of industrial development in a now industrial area.  Rural Wyoming destroyed for decades.

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Calling all fools

I always hear the ads trying to sell to complete losers who have no idea what a contemptuous, vile place Wyoming really is inviting them to buy “real ranch land”.  Yep, bordered by a vile, greedy, rich rancher that will dwarf your land with wind turbines to up his income by six or seven digits.  Now, I will be honest—this is what the West was and is.  Hateful, spiteful rich who ran ripshod over those who provided the labor that enabled them to live on their giant ranches and live in luxury.  The West was and is ruled by hatred and contempt for the little people.  Wind invasion is a natural consequence of this.  The rich and powerful destroying the environment, running over anyone who gets in their way.  That, perhaps, is the reason why I laugh when I hear some moron say he’s “running off and buying that ranch in Wyoming”.  Jump right in buckaroo.  You’ll love the turbines, the liberal media, the rich ranchers and politicians and their contempt for your existence.  You won’t escape the insanity like you think you will because you’re too stupid to realize what the West really is.  Spend your life savings and live on a godforsaken prairie surrounded by a rancher’s “money for nothing, get your checks for free” turbine jungle while he lives in that giant mansion miles from the turbines.  You’re garbage—nothing but a source of money and labor with zero rights.  So go for it.

Yes, this is harsh.  It’s also real and true.  The contempt and hatred the wind energy has for humanity, the greed….The gold rush, oil rush, etc had NOTHING on these people.  Nothing.  This is pure hatred and greed.  Saving the planet is a lie to cover the pure evil in what is going on.  I repeat this often because people really do not understand just how evil this all is.  Love of money is very real and alive in the wind industry.  The difference between wind and say the oil rush is the complete lies and lack of any value for the “product”.  It’s equivalent to simply blowing up mountains for the heck of it and having the government send a check.  In fact, if we could convince the foolish public that blowing up mountains helped save the planet, the government probably would send a check and blow them up.  For an “advanced” society, we are complete failures and as self-destructive as they come.  Living with our heads in the sand as SOP.

So buy that little piece of paradise—you’ll get exactly what you have coming.  A turbine jungle, a liberal government and you’ll get to freeze in the winter as a bonus (the nine months of winter).  The real West is cruel, nasty and getting more contemptible by the minute.  Send that check tomorrow—lots are going fast.

I do realize many people are so far gone nothing makes a dent.  There was a woman who was told the full truth about where she was buying but she called everyone liars and mean for telling her what she did not want to hear.  Then she moved there—and all of the informaton was true just as she had been told.  Which may be why I now encourage people to dive in.  Saves time.

Perhaps the most ironic thing is so many of these turbine jungles give ranchers/oil men free money.  These turbines SUPPORT oil and gas.  How totally idiotic and ironic that these are praised by those who oppose oil and gas while the wind industry and government write checks to the oil companies and oil men themselves.  A ship of fools.


Wyoming “rangeland” being maintained for the comfort of turbines


Nothing says open space like hundreds of spinning 400 ft towers like these

Casper Wind2

Your lovely open spaces and a nice home on the range


Speed Star 1.1464381  00

Your newest neighbors

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Where turbine blades go when they die and other thoughts

I’m sitting here waiting for the lights to pop off again. Seems that my power company cannot keep lights on when there’s wind, sun, rain, you name it. They’re great at destroying sage grouse habitat (their latest destructive binge goes right through prime sage grouse territory. Guess I’ll have to look for grouse survivors in other areas if I want to photograph them anymore. Same for the horned lizard, Wyoming’s soon-to-be-driven out state reptile. Heck, who needs a silly bird and a worthless reptile anyway….) but you can count on the lights popping off at least four or five times a month. I guess that’s the “new normal”, right?


P081019_0940dThese are cell phone photos of the landfill’s latest “project”

The Natrona County Landfill was on the news trying to explain why they are burying wind turbine blades. The spokesperson said the landfill would get $675,000 for burying the giant fiberglass trash. I guess if you bury the mess, you can continue to lie to people about how ecofriendly the turbines are. Problem was, people saw the mess and made derogatory comments about wind turbines on social media. Being the liberal paradise we are, we CANNOT have that. So, the media trots out and obediently puts a “rebuttal” on the news. (Rebuttal being: But, but, but, but they gave us money….What we live for.)

The spokesperson said the landfill has millions of cubic yards of space available, which is why they won the wind trash lottery. Interesting, they are spending nearly a million dollars on upgrading a baler (in the past, the thing worked less than half the time. So embarrassing–town can’t even maintain a baler properly and spent months arguing over who should pay for the repairs) that COMPACTS trash. Hello????? If the landfill has millions and millions of cubic yards to bury wind trash, why are they spending a million on a new trash compactor? Oh, wait, I remember. Virtue signaling. Yep.

One good thing came out of this–NO MORE RECYCLING FOR ME!!! I was giving up plastic anyway (seems no one wants the mess Americans try to pawn off on them as “recyclable” plastic mixed with trash), so why bother? However, originally we were asked to recycle cardboard because there was not enough space in the landfill. Oooooppps. Seems that was not exactly the case, doesn’t it? So, the cardboard goes in the trash now. Maybe lying to the citizenry was not a good idea.

The landfill spokesperson said wind turbines recycle 90% of their “waste” (like wind isn’t a waste entirely…). Yes, by weight, they do. I realized then that landfills operate under the same insane procedures as all other government entities. Weight really does not matter. Only volume does. Hundreds of pounds of trash would not take as much space as the lighter, gigantic turbine blades. Volume-wise, burying those gigantic blades is far more space intensive than the towers, but that matters not. The steel weighs more than the fiberglass. Again, fantasy and lies are what keep the wind industry alive, besides graft, crony capitalism, etc. If reality were to smack these people….Never.

Actually, I must add there was a minor miracle recently. Michael Moore, known for Trump hating and a bad attitude, made a movie about renewables. Much to his, and everyone else’s surprise, it turns out renewables are not green and not clean. Of course, those of use who live next to them KNOW this, but those living in ivory towers do not know and generally do not care. I really want to commend him on actually finishing the movie and presenting it publicly. One can only imagine how bad things must be to have a previous “true believer” come out publicly against renewables in an age where such things are generally considered heresy. That may be the true miracle.

Broken turbine


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Dark futures

This morning my hubby and I were discussing how Pacific Power is spending $3 billion on useless tax credits for Warren Buffet when they can’t keep the lights on as it is.  In the last couple of weeks, the lights have popped off repeatedly.   Just about that time, the lights blinked.  Now, as I am sitting here at my computer, 5 hours later, again, the lights went out.  This time, for considerably longer than the first time.  I’m anticipating a complete, lengthy outage any day now.  

NYC had a major “disruption” (don’t you love that term?) that shut down Broadway, a Jennifer Lopez concert, the subway…..It does not bode well for the future that these folks think Energy from Weather can keep their lights on.  Might as well cancel Broadway and concerts, find alternative methods of getting to work and learn to love sitting in the dark.  You probably should stay home with the door locked as much as possible, I would think.  

This is very indicative of the electricity of the future.  As in, it will be lousy and go out over and over.  This may damage appliances, etc, causing people to have to replace things and waste energy and money in doing so.  Yet, none of this matters.  This is the power of the future, people.  Learn to love it.








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Alice in Wonderland syndrome

“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible ideas before breakfast.”  The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland

I realized today how people fail to understand that you cannot be for renewables like wind and solar and be for fossil fuels too.  There is no such thing as being for “all forms of energy”.  Seriously, would the fools (and there are thousands of them out there) that make this argument be for “all forms of government”?  Would they want capitalism AND communism simultaneously?  People, the Venn diagrams on these ideas do not overlap.  The ideas are mutually exclusive.  Just as the goal of communism is to destroy capitalism, the goal of wind and solar is to destroy fossil fuels.  That’s why states like North Dakota, Wyoming, Texas and others heavily invested in fossil fuels are so incredibly stupid for supporting wind and solar.  They are inviting in their own destruction.  You can argue that wind and solar will never replace fossil fuels, and that may be true (at least as far as efficiency goes), but these people are inviting in the wolf and pretending that one can pet the wolf and it will be nice like a doggy.  If we only placate the “renewables” people, they won’t try and destroy our energy sector.  It almost never works out that way.  Somewhere along the line, the wolf turns on the person with disastrous consequences.  Like people who photograph bears and lions by walking up close to the wild animal.  Or those who “live among the bears” until the bears devour them, yet they always believe they will be fine.  

Very often we concentrate on the reasons why wind won’t work, while ignoring the reality that many claimed fossil fuel advocates are fully supporting the wind industry and their desire to take away fossil fuels.  That seems to be a failing strategy in virtually every case.  Until the bear attacks (as in the case of some European countries and their rapidly failing renewable industries), the turbines and panels keep going in.  The more turbines, the more it reinforces the belief that wind has value or that solar will work.  Oil companies participate in this fantasy, believing they too can pet the wolf and nothing bad will happen.  Or, as I have said before, there are people who throw chickens to alligators, believing the alligator will be happy with the snacks and not go for the main course, the chicken thrower.  The longer it goes on, the higher the probability of the chicken thrower becoming the main course.  

Supporting wind and solar is opposing fossil fuels.  That needs to be shouted far and wide.  I am not optimist the submissive politicians can grasp the idea since it would be called “mean” and wanting “pollution”, etc.  Amazing that humans are cannot grasp the idea of selling out and losing it all.  Wind and solar are 100% anti-fossil fuels and supporting them is supporting “leave it in the ground”.  Whether or not one understands the concept or not.  It’s time to call support of wind and solar what it is—a desire to destroy fossil fuels.



There can be only one.  Which will you chose?

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The death of a state

This is a needed rant on the complete apathy of human beings to the stupidity and destruction of their states.  Waking people up is like getting blood from a turnip.  I truly believe people will end up freezing and starving from their own stupidity and apathy.


Going to our cabin (WHICH NO ONE SHOULD EVER INVEST IN WYOMING REAL ESTATE, EVER, EVER, EVER) we find more of the damnable turbines going in.  We bought land where there was nothing and no reason for anything to go in, until the LIBERALS took over the state, government handouts became the mantra of the greedy and destruction provided a tidy “profit” for all involved.  In other words, until corruption and greed became the way of life.  Wyoming is a liberal state that LOVES Warren Buffet, lets him own the BLM land (he and Peter Anschutz) and pillage the place to his liberal heart’s content.  Wyoming is NOT NOT NOT conservative.  The politicians are complete cowards.  My advice—move somewhere else or learn to love your investments pillaged for the rich out-of-staters.  If you make a million or more, you MIGHT be appreciated.  The rest of you—you’re trash to Wyoming.  TRASH.  (Just like the people in California are trash to their government.  Wyoming has illegals and they love them.  Wyoming will do anything “green”, including destroying oil, gas and coal.  Yes, they will destroy the minerals industry.  As Limbaugh says “Don’t doubt me”.  Better to move to California, where at least they don’t lie about their intentions.  Besides, California has much better weather.)

I refuse to support any businesses in Wyoming that I can possibly avoid.  If they hate me so much and hate the environment so much and hate the very things people move here for, why support them?  Buy off the internet and buy as little as possible.  It makes no sense to support those who destroy and those who live by greed.

I am including this because too often people fall for the lies about “conservative” states that do nothing conservative, that pillage and plunder just like the liberal ones.  Wyoming has always been California’s whore and it’s going to get worse.  The only consolation is sooner or later a liberal will win the White House and Wyoming will empty out in a flash as coal, oil and gas are shut down  (coal is already going—maybe 600 jobs soon   UPDATE: reports are 600 to 700 jobs lost.  Start the celebration.  The enviros and the libs are starting the destruction of Wyoming.  Be happy.  It’s what Wyomingites voted for and support.  Or at least they don’t care enough to do anything about it.  Think about it—oil and gas and coal and the power company spends $3 BILLION on wind turbines.  Can you say “choosing suicide”?????), costing all these greedy, self-serving politicians and business everything they own.  I cannot wait for that day.  I’m a big fan of karma (aka natural consequences).  It’s time to call out evil and the wind industry and all those that support it are EVIL.  Pure evil.  

Considering the proximity to the old uranium mine, complete with those radioactive warning signs, you’d think some people would worry.  Guess greed overcomes fear, right?



Photos of the destruction and pillaging.


Funny, people fear Fukishima and freak out, but pay them a bunch of money and they’ll install turbines within a few miles of this sign.  They drive right by it.  Wow, just doesn’t get any dumber than that.

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If wind is the answer, why all the lies and misrepresentation?

Apple and Google and several others claim to be 100% renewable, so, as an act of self-preservation, we should reroute their electricity and bypass the grid.  Wire them to a “wind plant” or a “solar plant”.  After all, they want to save the planet, right????

It’s time we demanded honesty from the liars of the environmental “lie a minute” lobby.  When people find that NO FOSSIL FUELS means NO INTERNET, NO CELL PHONES AND NO APPLE TV, it won’t sell nearly as well.  I actually predict panic when the electronic SOMA called a “smart phone” dies and there’s no access to social media because the wind isn’t blowing and the sun is set.  Massive even massive riots.  We can always hope.

Now, we need an electrical engineer to aid in this, one willing to take massive risks to save the children and grandchildren they CLAIM to love.  I want to see if anyone really cares at all or we should just start teaching our kids to grub for worms and live in caves.  The lucky ones can serve the wealthy who will have plenty of food and shelter and energy.  A real-life version of the apocalypse.  Exactly what people are begging for.

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The Coming Darkness


Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.