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“In the Moment” Hydro

Always searching for the next revolutionary FREE energy!

What if hydroelectric energy was done like wind energy? The government doles out energy tax breaks and money handouts for building hydro plants on any creek that has sufficient flow at least 10% of the time. NO dam is built, just the creek flow utilized. Estimated costs run just over $2 million dollars per plant, plus maintenance and tie-in to the grid. Tax breaks, etc, will cover three-quarters of the cost. And every creek that has sufficient flow to produce any amount of electricity over time can be used and a plant built. Since the flow is just through the turbines, fish may end up dead, but it’s a small price to pay for “free electricity” and “saving the planet”. How about it? Coming soon to a creek near you—“in the moment” hydro. (Think old-fashioned water wheels that were used to grind grain. Just like windmills that pumped water. Waterwheels were great then, why not use Them for a completely different thing now and claim we’re using an old idea for a “modern” use and the idea has been around for centuries, so it must be good.)

Some creeks will average enough flow to make a fair amount of electricity. Of course, snow melt fed creeks may occassionally be dry,then runoff will fill them, then cold weather stops the runoff, then runoff again. Drought may dry some streams up for a while, etc. Heavy rains will mean you have power to spare. Flooding, and the plant shuts down. No rain, no runoff, no power. Remember, though, you get some power and some is better than none, right?


Our next free energy source

How about it? Let’s use energy from weather to its fullest with “in the moment” hydro.

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Death by wind cult

Death by Wind Cult

Greetings suicidal wind cult members.  This summer, many of you would have died of heat stroke because you believe in the Wind Gods and lies of the Church of the Windy Spires.  I have heard fools say over and over that the wind always blows in Wyoming.  Okay, but that stupid, wrong, irresponsible lie will kill you in the end.  It does NOT blow in the summer, when people often need the electricity the most.  There are days where it blows very little.  Even on a “good” day, you’re lucky to 1/2 to 3/4 of the rated capacity.  Which equals no A/C and death by heat stroke.  No lights, nothing.  Because you believe.

Death by stupid is not at all uncommon and sadly it’s rarely preventable.  People worship stupidity and lies.  It’s what they do.  Cults consist of very rich people living off the stupid sheep that follow them.  It is the same with the Wind Cult.  Billionaires get richer while the stupid sheep say oil companies are evil for making money.  The sheep are too ignorant and apathetic to learn that Big Wind makes BILLIONS and much of it is stolen from tax payers.  The believers, however, do not care.  They believe.  The fact that the physics of wind make it impossible to use in modern society does not matter.  They believe.  The destruction of the landscape and wildlife does not matter.  They believe.  It’s a fully faith based Wind Cult which in the end will kill its members and a lot of innocent bystanders, but they do not care.  They believe.

So, Wind Cult members, here’s to you.  Taking your place among those who died stupid, worthless deaths by believing the lies of few billionaires that hated you and used you.  Death by stupidity is basically a worthless death, but it’s your death.  You can die however you want.  Hopefully, non-believers will be smart enough to flee the area before they go with you.  If not, well, failure to recognize danger is generally fatal.  The cult should have been stopped decades ago.


Church of the Windy Spires


                                   Fatal last words


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Elections; Wind does not blow somewhere all the time

Letter to the editor I recently submitted:

“Some of the gubernatorial candidates in Wyoming are all for wind and solar. Some also state they are businessmen. Putting aside the scam of wind for the moment, to be “for wind and solar because they are part of the energy mix” is as foolish and uneducated as to sell Chevy at your Ford dealership because “they are part of the mix” or campaigning for both the Democrat and the Republican candidate because “they are part of the mix”. Wind and solar are not part of the mix. They are to replace oil, gas and coal. That is the stated goal of having wind and solar. This, even though they actually do virtually nothing but make millionaires more money and damage the environment, due their completely unreliable, random nature. So some of our candidates are supporting destroying scenic Wyoming views (they say they care about), building 400 ft spinning towers that kill raptors and bats and benefit only the lobbyists and owners for no real benefit to Wyoming. Wyoming may get a pittance in property tax and a paltry $1 a MW tax from these eyesores. Anyone know how much that amounts to? Compare that quantity to the stated capacity factor of wind and you get the idea of what a sham this is. Why would a businessman support such a thing?
Let’s see: Our “businessmen” candidates are for selling and supporting the competition’s useless, damaging product. Wow, that’s the kind of thinking that made Wyoming such a business mecca. Personally, I would prefer someone who understood the scam, was farsighted enough to see that the minute Democrats win the government back they will try to shut real energy down as fast as practicable and Wyoming will be shut down with it. And the residents may have voted to support those who wanted the “green energy” that took down the state, allowed the elected candidate to be liked by the press and the left, and tossed Wyoming out in the cold. Supporting one’s own demise. Not my idea of a great choice.”

Political season is extremely frustrating to me.  It reminds me how uneducated and apathetic human beings are.  Not to mention the endless droning lies the candidates throw out there.  I wouldn’t vote for most of them no matter what.


In another vein, it has been some of the hottest days of the year recently and not a turbine turning. No help on that “peak” energy need, and if you were using only wind, you’d have been sitting in a very hot, dark house for most of a week. That’s because in spite of what the wind lobby claims, the wind does not always blow. Well, maybe somewhere, but the logistics of providing 24/7 with a system like that is probably more complicated that space flight to another galaxy. Not something I would be my future and comfort on.  Next time a wind believer says the “wind is always blowing somewhere” consider this map from 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.55.50 PM

To produce useful wind energy, you have to be in the yellow area and over 15 to 20 mph. Also, there has to be enough wind to both cover the area currently served by the wind power, PLUS all those green areas.  As you can clearly see, we’re out of electricity over large portions of the country if we depend on the wind always blowing somewhere.


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Running ripshod over Wyoming

The Tribune today had a sob story article on housing shortages for installing the Warren Buffet Screw You Wyoming Wind Plant in what was a beautiful wildlife area in Shirley Basin.  Boo hoo.  The wind industry has no problem shafting people and taking whatever they want when they want it.  Wind people would have been wonderful cattle barrens and slave holders.  They don’t care at all about human beings, only money.

We have started warning hunters that Wyoming values Warren Buffet way more than hunters, so expect your hunting to deteriorate and go way up in cost.  Wind plants are far more important than antelope and mule deer, more important than hunters,  more important than people.  So, stay away from Wyoming for hunting.  The rich own it and you do NOT count for squat.  Do not waste your money.

Lastly, no matter what those lying political commercials say, Wyoming is LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL.  They do everything they can to destroy oil and gas—super computer, wind plants killing wildlife, no value for human beings.  If you’re looking for a conservative state, WYOMING IS NOT IT.  STAY AWAY.  RUN.  Try somewhere else.

For the election year, anyone who backs wind is a LIBERAL, period.  True conservatives and Republicans do not back scams that destroy the environment, make the rich richer and destablize the grid.  So, backing wind, LIBERAL.


bernie madoff

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Warning: Rant time

I am left again wondering how humans can be so utterly stupid and clueless. Every month the naked man claiming to have a new outfit proudly struts out in my power bill, telling us they are creating jobs (that’s your first clue that what follows is the new LIE of the century) in Wyoming by slicing and dicing eagles, exploding bats, destroying open spaces, adding another few million to Warren Buffet’s net worth and destabilizing the grid. Really, we are not a whit smarter than the cavemen running after whatever creature is to be dinner, with a spear. Our collective IQ is dropping so rapidly no one will be able to tie their shoes in a decade—or even operate velcro on shoes for that matter. Probably won’t matter. After decades of believing the naked man has a brand new flashy outfit, shoes will be imaginary too. I often wonder if the fools at the power company knew I picture them as naked liars if they would strut that wind power crap out so often. Yeah, because in spite of all the instance to the contrary, Wyoming is a LIBERAL, GREEN lying state that will willingly slit it’s own throat to become Colorado or California. The people in power loathe the state (every campaign is the same—diversify our economy, keep our kids here. make Wyoming better….Wait, I remember hearing that before. Hopey, changey, make America the country it should be. Shut down much of the oil and gas yet fools still embrace the idiocy—and NEVER does economic diversity or kids staying happen. I suppose the fact that the politicians loathe the state and want to destroy it plays no part in kids leaving….) The power company struts its vile greed constantly and the sycophants that are in the local news media lap it up (most leave in two years to real states anyway—openly liberal states with lots of idiots that will worship them). It is unfathomable that human beings can survive with the massive stupidity they proudly flaunt. I guess if they keep killing off the flora and fauna and destroying the environment, they won’t survive. So thank you naked dude at the power company for strutting your greed and dishonestly monthly and reminding me that humans are the dumbest creatures on earth.


There is nothing wrong with this turbine.  It’s fine…..Just keep repeating the lie……….

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Earth Day

Earth Day 2018

Another “green” thing. Or that’s how this day is portrayed. The reality is those who back Earth Day are the ones doing earth the most damage. There is a push to return to past times without fossil fuels. This would be catastrophic and cause massive human casualties. Since the reason given by some for wanting to save the planet is to save human beings, this move is 180 degrees off for achieving the stated goal. Plus, the time before fossil fuels was very hard on the environment–burning coal and dung, massive amounts of animal feces everywhere due to horses being the transportation mode, people had nothing but outhouses, if that. A very bad time for the earth.

Renewables are the panacea for saving earth–“free” energy. Well, “free fuel”, extremely pricey and damaging devices using that free fuel. Much of the mining and manufacturing for renewables is done in countries with very lax environmental laws, not the US. This has resulted in ecological damage on a grand scale, but so long as the “greens” can’t see it, it’s not really there. Then there is the damage to wildlife and scenic areas. When Earth Day was started, electrical power lines were under attack for being ugly and reportedly causing illnesses, etc, if you lived too close to the lines. Now, it’s “cover the planet with those high power beauties”. What changed? Not the power lines. Must be the Earth Day supporters–now they don’t care about damage because their pet projects need the lines. Remember when killing eagles was bad? Not any more. It’s okay to cause a species extinction in the name of saving the planet, you know, is just fine. Only if you’re an evil coal company are you in trouble for destroying birds and bats. Which is interesting, since the lives of the birds and bats seem more a political agenda that actual science. You don’t think………?

Then there’s the terrifying “extreme weather” lie out there. Statistics show weather is no more extreme than it was in the past. Like all things weather, the number of storms and intensity vary from year to year, decade to decade. The East Coast of the US had four very heavy snow storms this year. There were hurricanes in the last year or so. Before that, no major hurricanes hit the US for 12 years. Yes, the term “super storm” was invented to replace the terror of the missing hurricanes, but the facts say the weather has not become more intense, extreme or anything similar. There are more people living on the planet, so obviously more people are affected by the weather–storms, flooding, droughts. However, being affected by something does not mean that something is more common, more intense or anything like that. It just means more people are affected. It means dramatic news coverage and endless reminders of how mean and cruel nature is becoming because we burn fossil fuels are the staple of the media. Even if it isn’t true. Truth is so nebulous, you know.

For Earth Day, just take a walk outside if it’s nice enough and enjoy the planet you live on. It’s very sturdy and will be around for a long time. The “end of the earth” predictions have been around as long as humans have lived here. Total eclipses used to bring that terrifying predictions of an apocalypse as did earthquakes. Last year, people traveled thousands of miles to see a total eclipse in the United States August 2017. There were no “it’s the end of the world” predictions. We can learn, if we are willing to.

Note:  The wind has not exceeded 5 mph today for more than maybe 5 minutes twice.  No turbines turning.  If we were going “renewables” we’d be sitting in the dark without a computer today.  I suppose that would make Earth Day people happy……


Dandelions in snow




Unusual mule deer—looks earless!


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Reasons to Support Wind


Lack of knowledge on electrical and power systems

Lying so your boss won’t fire you

Blind allegiance to the green philosophy


The belief that Warren Buffet and Peter Anschutz should have more money and your customers and constituents should provide it

Believing any job is a good job no matter how limited

Belief 400 foot spinning towers can blend into the landscape people supposedly love

No concern for your children or grandchildren having power

Hatred of raptors and bats

Belief it’s okay to kill the planet to save it

Belief in perpetual motion machines and alchemy


Reasons for opposing wind

Desire to have reliable power

Recognition that destroying landscape around the world so you can virtue signal is wrong

Concern for future generations

Understanding that power and electronics that are intermittent, failed 19th century model are wrong to foist upon people as punishment for not worshipping Gaia

Believing it is wrong to oppress the poor with worthless technology that raises their bills

Wind can’t stand alone–demand no shared power lines into buildings (knowing this will fail)

Understanding that the good the money wasted on these turbines could actually have made people’s lives better had it not been wasted on fantasy power

Love of raptors and bats

Understanding science and economics predict failure of this idea so we are wasting money and resources on a failed idea



How to destroy the planet while claiming to save it


(The Y-Files will return next post.)


Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.