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Out for a while

Due to health issues, I will not be blogging as much.  I will return when the issues are resolved.


Wind shows it’s lack of credibility

I learned today that I am not only a “denier” I am a “clean energy hater”. Seriously, the wind industry has nothing to offer now except name-calling? I realize that’s actually true, I’m just surprised to see them so blantantly admitting they can’t sell their product, so they sell hatred instead. Very, very sad.

I suppose I could point out that wind and solar are anything but clean–mining, manufacture, radioactive waste disposal, landscape destruction, bird and bad killing all seem to be less than “clean” energy. Perhaps wind’s definition of “clean” is not what the rest of the world uses? One more like they accuse fossil fuels of using—whatever makes the sellers of “clean” energy money. Maybe it’s not about saving the planet or clean energy at all. The new “hater” term certainly says so.

In reality, I don’t hate clean energy. I just haven’t seen any such thing in the real world.

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Interesting screen shot

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.27.10 AM


I came across this while surfing websites.  You can click on the photo for a larger version.  I have no idea what the website is about, but I thought the photo on the screen spoke volumes about alternate energy!

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Recent articles I have found interesting

I have listed the link and first paragraph or my own commentary for each article.  Click on the link to read the rest of the story.  Many of these articles are found on https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com.  I recommend heading over to the blog for more interesting posts on renewables, energy and global warming.


“An investigation is continuing into the collapse of a wind turbine near Fintona in County Tyrone.  The turbine, valued at more than £500,000, was one of eight on the Screggagh wind farm on Murley mountain.  It collapsed on Friday night, scattering debris over a wide area. Winds were said to be light at the time.  The director of Screggagh Windfarm Ltd said they were working with the suppliers to ensure the site was safe.”


“Renewables use sun, water, wind; energy sources that won’t run out. Non-renewables come from things like gas, coal and uranium that one day will. But unless electricity and motorised transport are abandoned altogether, all “renewables” need huge areas of land or sea and require raw materials that are drilled, transported, mined, bulldozed and these will run out. Wind turbine towers are constructed from steel manufactured in a blast furnace from mined iron ore and modified coal (coke). Turbine blades are composed of oil-derived resins and glass fibre. The nacelle encloses a magnet containing about one third of a tonne of the rare earth metals, neodymium and dysprosium. Large neodymium magnets also help propel electric cars.”


This after Duke Energy was fined about a year ago for eagle deaths on its two wind plants in the same area.


Sage grouse up, golden eagles down in numbers in this particular area.  There’s no way to know why the eagle numbers are down, but the fines on wind plants would indicate the wind plants may be having an effect on the numbers.

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Stop hating on NIMBY’s says Naomi Oreskes

I was surfing and looking for opinions on the NIMBY phenomena when I came acrose this:


Some prime quotes:

“Opponents note that the lion’s share of the jobs created will be temporary, that the power will be delivered to customers south of the power line, that hydropower is not actually renewable, and that there are other ways to address future energy demand.

They also question the promise of economic benefit, noting that chambers of commerce along the proposed route believe it will hurt tourism and damage real estate values. But the key issue at stake for the opponents is not jobs or money, but beauty.”

Sound familiar?  It’s exactly what opponents of wind have been saying all along.

“NIMBY name-calling also intimidates by provoking what psychologists call stereotype threat. Those of us who care about the natural environment and the health of our communities are often afraid of being labeled NIMBYs, so we bend over backward to insist that we are not anti-business, not anti-technology, and not anti-modern.”

She just admitted that all the labeling of NIMBY by wind advocates is a “stereotype threat”.  Really?  Wind opponents were right all along—they were and are being intimidated?  The article has several other statements that so close to what wind opponents have been saying it is remarkable, or frightening, I’m not sure which.

Next time someone throws the NIMBY label out, it would be good to mention that one of the major players in the global warming push is now saying things virtually identical to the wind opponents.

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For 2015

After having spent time reading opinions on fracking, for 2015, I want all natural gas and oil from fracking to NOT be sold to any state that prohibits fracking or refuses to allow pipelines through. It seems that there are literally millions of people protesting fracking yet are cheerfully heating their homes cheaply and conveniently using the natural gas fracked in someone else’s backyard. This is either hypocritical or they are NIMBY’s, either of which is generally considered a bad thing. The only known cure for this is to simply cut those who object off from the nasty, offensive product and make sure they live by their words. I really am curious how well New York and Massechussettes will do if we stop building pipelines from the Marcellus shale to New York and let the wealthy elites deal with a population that lacks adequate heating fuel. Let the environmentalists deal with the astronomical rise in costs for natural gas. Why should anyone who refuses to allow fracking in their area be allowed to in anyway benefit? It’s immoral to want to poison other people’s water tables and whatever other harms that are attributed to fracking in order to get cheap gas. So for 2015, let’s all help those who oppose fracking and make sure they don’t accidentally get any of that fracked gas into their homes or fracked oil products into their cars.

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It’s about time

“Wind farm operator PacifiCorp Energy will pay $2.5 million in fines after pleading guilty Friday to charges related to the deaths of protected birds in Wyoming.
The subsidiary of Portland, Oregon-based PacifiCorp pleaded guilty in federal court in Wyoming to two counts of violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act under a plea deal with prosecutors.
The U.S. Justice Department said the charges stemmed from the discovery of more than 370 dead birds at the company’s Seven Mile Hill and Glenrock/Rolling Hills wind projects in Carbon and Converse counties from 2009 until now. Authorities counted 38 dead golden eagles and 336 other dead protected birds, including hawks, blackbirds, larks, wrens and sparrows.”

Read more:http://trib.com/business/energy/wind-farm-operator-pacificorp-energy-pleads-guilty-in-bird-deaths/article_c430bfba-14dd-5a17-8ea9-d1d7faa3d736.html

Finally the wind companies are at least getting fined for bird deaths.  Thirty-eight dead golden eagles is quite a few dead raptors.  This is assuming they actually got an accurate accounting.  Remember when saving nature meant actually protecting things like eagles, not killing them in the name of saving the planet?

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