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In honor of the current situation in Wyoming:




You can shaft us anytime.



Just leave the money on the bureau when you leave.




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The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2

Not to be outdone by the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant (aka Chokecherry/Sierra Madre), a company out of Venezuela and backed by China is constructing The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2 (there are too many names for the tiny pieces of the wind plant used to get special treatment as a “small” electric provider to name here) in what used to be a wonderful place to hunt antelope.  But who needs antelope when you can build a shrine to the greatest environmentalist in history—he won the Nobel Prize, after all.  At one time, this was prime sage grouse territory, but after the feds stopped trying to list the birds, Wyoming feels free to destroy their home territories with impunity.  After all, what is more important?  Birds that do a stupid mating dance or wind plants to honor Obama?   I think we all know the answers to that.

The Legacy Wind Plant will produce 1875MW of energy when the wind blows.  Zero when it doesn’t.  Besides stopping hunting and displacing sage grouse, the turbines will provide a constant reminder of Wyoming’s commitment to stop the use of evil fossil fuels and move to wind and solar (I know, Wyoming says “all kind of energy, including energy from weather, but we all know that’s just to placate oil and coal until they’ve been run out of the state.  Seriously, no one builds these kinds of alters to an environmentalist and really intends to keep pulling those evil fossil fuels out of the ground.) as people drive from Casper to Laramie to sports events.  A turbine jungle that goes on for miles and miles, instead of that useless open space.  Forget the sagebrush sea, wildlife, open spaces, all that nonsense.  It’s all about Barack.

Even more generous, Wyoming is doing all this knowing the proceeds from the wind energy will go out of state or out of the country.  Wyoming gets a boost from its attempt to apologize for electing Trump (a major faux pas—although Wyoming’s senators made sure that wouldn’t change Wyoming’s love for Obama and his policies by extending the PTC till 2020) and looks ecofriendly.  California gets the electricity, thus aiding in Gov. Brown overcoming the taint of Trump and allowing Gov. Brown to show the world how truly ecofriendly the US is.  Wyoming gladly destroys its open spaces and wildlife to honor such a wonderful human being.

Wyoming—apologizing daily for voting in Trump and building permanent alters to the gods of environmentalism.  You just can’t get more liberal and Democrat than that.



More current Wyoming alters to Obama

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Living in a fantasy world

It’s Friday, the last day of June.  The uninformed who comment that wind turbines on the plains make sense because the wind blows all the time have been shown to be wrong much of the month. Yesterday, the wind blew above 8 miles per hour for less than 6 hours. Seventy-five percent of the day, there was no energy from weather being produced. None. This morning, it is a roaring 3 mph. It has not risen over 8 mph and we are one-quarter of the way through the day. Where is “blows all the time”? It’s in the same category as energy from weather—a complete myth, a fabrication of an uneducated mind. People believe things because they like the idea, because the one time they visited a place it was windy so it must be all the time, etc. Such behavior allows pseudoscience and myth to flourish. It also endangers human life. Imagine if people in large numbers started to believe gravity wasn’t real. Worse still, if they refused to believe the evidence that walking off the top of a high building was fatal. They would believe, instead, that the person did not die and was whisked away to keep anyone from finding out gravity no longer worked. At one time, that was called “psychosis”, a disconnect from reality. Today, in many cases, it’s called the PC belief and there are consequences for not subscribing to it. I still hold out hope that requiring homes to run off a wind turbine with no storage or backup would enlighten people, but the will to deny reality is strong. There are days I suspect people would simply lie about having electricity when they needed it, rather than admit their fantasy about energy from weather was wrong.

Another belief is the grid is not destabilized by wind energy. The wind went from 4 mph to 35 mph and down to 4 mph again twice on June 28th. It did the same thing yesterday, but only once and the wind was somewhat below 30 mph. Output went from zero to max and down in two hours or less. In the real world, we’d call that a killer spike, one that takes out the surge protector, then whatever was supposed to be protected. In the real world, this would result in equipment damage, equipment burnout, and other negative consequences. In the world of energy from weather, it’s nothing more than a tiny blimp in the current. There is a huge disconnect between reality and the beliefs about wind energy.

How does one fight a delusion? How does one teach people that those who eagerly lie and mislead for their own profit are not the saviors of the world? Perhaps it’s not too late. Australia was somewhat shaken when they lost all power in a high wind event. The usual suspects screamed it was not wind’s fault, but the belief in that statement seemed sparse. Over time, the memory will probably fade and the fantasy may once again be sold to the public.

I often hear how we must “save the planet for our children” and they will blame us when CO2 destroys the place. I suspect our grandchildren or greatgrandchildren will never know there were lights, or plumbing, or anything other than dire poverty and war, not because of global warming, but rather the greed and stupidity of people who bought the fairy tale of energy from weather.  That will be “storms” Hansen’s grandchildren inherit. Energy poverty created from a belief in fantasy.

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The Coming Storms

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Forget Trump saving us

Those of you celebrating Trump’s victory and his pulling us out of the Paris Accord can forget celebrating any fewer turbines going up—in fact, expect more and more.  There has been a significant increase in installations.  Why?  Because the people elected by the states are determined to destroy this country for their own edification and cash.  The rich get richer and so do those who vote in tax credits and subsidies.

Make no mistake—this will reach the disaster level that gold mining, deforestation, etc did in the past.  Your children, courtesy of their parents voting and apathy, will have less stable energy, extremely expensive energy and all to make billionaires richer.  People demonize oil, yet many of the billionaires in this GOT RICH FROM OIL.  Suddenly, the demon oil guy is the new hero?  People are just flat-out stupid.  I cannot emphasize enough what gross stupidity is doing to this country.  No wonder there’s an email a day on “free energy”.  I bet they make millions.  It is terrifying that in an “advanced” country like the USA, “perpetual motion machines” are sanctioned by the government and advertised as saving the planet.  The only things these PMM’s do is make people rich and those who buy into the scheme poorer.  Our education system must be one of the worst in the world.  Science is dead, superstition and wizardry rule.

Next time someone tells you how great wind energy is, remind them the wind energy sector is exactly like oil or any gold rush industry—destructive, greedy and environmentally damaging.  The fact that someone supports wind energy merely tells you they hate the environment and love billionaires pillaging the environment for more wealth.  That’s an evil position, pure and simple.

Perhaps it’s best if you start now telling your children what evil was rained upon them by the greed of the wind industry and the hatred of people by environmentalists.  Maybe they can plan ahead and learn to grow their own food, live with candlelight and realize the pollution and death associated with “clean energy” was nothing but a “get-rich-quick” scheme sanctioned by the people their parents elected.  Perhaps then they won’t be quite so miserable.  They may even forgive you.  Maybe.


The Gold Rush of the 21st century—greedy, damaging and decades to clean up

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On the Bright Side

I wrote about the sellout of Wyoming on the new 1000 turbine wind plant.  On somber reflection, I may have misunderstood the entire thing.


Announcing the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Farm                                                     (formerly known as the Sierra Madre-Chokecherry wind plant)

Wyoming, showing it’s undying love for Barack Obama, has opted to erect an eternal legacy for Obama, the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Farm.

While the despicable Trump may be attempting to dismantle the legacy of Obama, Wyoming is erecting 1000 white towers of love for Obama.  Wyoming is recognizing the Obama was the hero of the climate crisis and acknowledging that oil and coal are wrong and must go.  It is expected that in 2020, Democrats will pose with this tribute while campaigning for president.  What better proof of the correctness of global warming and the need to “leave it in the ground” than the Obama Legacy Wind Farm in a former fossil fuel state?  Perhaps there will even be tours and celebrations held there.

Wyoming is leading the nation in proclaiming the wrongness of fossil fuel usage with its homage to Barack Obama.  Trump may be not participate in the Paris Accord, but this everlasting tribute to Obama and global warming will last well beyond the Trump administration and its narrow views.  The beautiful, tall towers will sing their praises for the man who is saving us from certain death by using fossil fuels.  Liberals should give thanks for the caring and love Wyoming gives to Obama and his legacy.

More to follow.


Wyoming’s tributes Barack Obama

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Prostitution at its best

The Chokecherry-Sierra Madre Make a Billionaire Richer in another state Bird Killing Energy from Weather installation has begun.  This is my reaction:

Congratulations, Wyoming, you have once again prostituted yourself out to Colorado and California hoping someone will be impressed by the installation of landscape-destroying, bird killing, useless except for tax breaks for a billionaire in Colorado, energy from weather plant near I-80. You’ve proven you can be as greedy and liberal as any blue state out there. It was obviously a fluke that Trump was elected here. Of course, the RINO delegation supported this all the way. They are only interested in how much tax money they can bring home to Wyoming, home of the government dependents. It must be embarrassing to anyone who moved here thinking Wyoming was full of sturdy Western types to find nothing but greedy, subsidy-drinking blue state wannabes. I am embarrassed to say the state I live in would destroy every blade of grass, buy every scam and proudly parade their gullibility and insecurity out as if it were something to be proud of for a morsel of recognition by the mainstream media. Congrats, Wyoming, you are one step closer to Colorado, California and a complete and utter sell-out. Wyoming, forever the sell-out loser.


The state I live in is a highly revolting sell-out, desperate to be popular.  If you intended to visit the state because it represents the “West and Independence”, cancel the trip.  Wyoming will do ANYTHING to be liked.  It’s pathetic.  So, eagles die and landscapes are destroyed in order to get 15 minutes of fame.  Anyone remember how they built that super computer to crank out inaccurate models of future climate here?  Didn’t think so.  Cost the state millions to be known for 15 minutes and then forgotten.

One of the biggest problems with wind is the LOOK AT ME, I’M SO PC ego problem.  Why Wyoming voted for Trump I do not know.  They would sign the Paris Accord immediately and shut down their coal if they were threatened with being called an outsider.  What one does with weak, pathetic elected officials (they are NOT leaders), I don’t know.  You can’t vote them out because there are enough fools who still believe in Santa Claus to elect the liars if they can bring home more tax money.  I pity the next generation……

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Go for it!!!

It occurred to me today driving to town past the turning turbines (first time in a week at least) that my attitude toward wind might be in need of an adjustments.  After all, wind is FREE energy and unlimited.  Yes, there’s that pesky “only when the wind blows”, but when the wind does blow, instead of being annoyed at the waste of money in the projects, it’s time to:

  1.  Crank down that A/C to 65° and enjoy.  (summer)
  2. Crank the heat up to 80° and enjoy.  (winter)
  3. Fire up the arc welder.
  4. Dry as many loads of clothes as possible in your electric dryer.
  5. Turn all your lights on.
  6. Leave the TV, DVD player, computer and all your electronics for the full-time the wind is blowing.
  7. Charge that electric car, drive around and use up the charge, charge it again, and repeat.

There are reports of wind plants being turned off and the operators paid for electricity they don’t generate due to too much electricity in the system.  We must stop this waste of good electricity that has free fuel.  We must use as much electricity as possible every time the wind blows.  Waste not, want not, right?

So enjoy the days when you can use all the electricity you want, brought to you by wind plants.



Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.