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Christmas time again

I read that that the various MSM suspects are out warning about Santa and global warming:

Laplanders are being affected by climate change due to more warming than elsewhere, reindeer pulling a heavy sleigh are emitting too much methane, and Santa is moving to the south pole, complete with an announcement that Santa has signed an agreement to relocate, making him a climate refugee and one paper saying belief in Santa may help children think counterfactually due to belief in flying reindeer (I think that last one is a positive, but not sure). Last year, reindeer were shrinking due to climate change.  All of this overlooks the fact that Santa built a workshop on floating ice out in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t see how global warming is a big deal to him, but who am I to say?

So, once again, this is the real threat to Santa Claus due to the global warming scam:

img088 copy

Happy Holidays!

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Pictures of where wind turbines come from



Go to the link to read the write up on this “clean” energy.  Then when someone mentions just how “green” wind plants are, after you try to stifle your uncontrollable laughter, you can mention what you learned here today.

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Time to be brutally honest about wind “energy”

(sent as Letter to Editor)

Again, the topic of wind “energy” comes up. There are only four reasons to support wind (1) one cannot comprehend the situation, (2) willful ignorance, (3) political expediency and/or (4) monetary gain. Energy from weather is nothing but lie after lie. It’s not ecofriendly, it’s not “free, unlimited fuel”, it helps only to enrich the already rich, causes ecological damage in third world countries due to mining and refining the needed materials, and destroys birds and land areas.

The turbines save so little, if any, CO2 they couldn’t keep the temperature of the earth lower if we covered the planet with them. That, of course, would destroy millions of acres of wildlife habitats and human habitats , the steel, cement, etc would quickly deplete supplies for other things (wind is renewable, wind turbines are not) and still humanity would not have dependable energy. CO2 would be saved only because industries shut down. Why bother with the turbines–just mandate industries close and save us a lot of money.

People ask how those who don’t believe in catastrophic climate change are going to explain to their grandchildren how things work out. I want to know how those who robbed taxpayers, destroyed the environment and ran rip-shod over opposition are going to explain the disaster they have wrought upon their grandchildren. Dependable energy gave us our modern lifestyles. Take it away and poverty ensues. Gifting their grandchildren with energy from weather is wrong in so many ways. Demanding their grandchildren give up their future for worthless wind “energy” is cruel and immoral.

Next time you hear a wind “believer”, ask yourself which category that individual falls into.


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Never buying M&Ms again

Seems the evil people at M&Ms are going to promote wind power, aka energy from weather.  As I have stated before, I consider anyone promoting the lie of wind to be downright evil and will not do business with them if I can avoid it.  Using candy to damage the environment, kill birds and destroy open spaces is evil.  There just no other word.  Only morally bankrupt people do this.  So, no more M&Ms.

Another interesting development:

Cowboy Fire sparked by wind turbine burning on 1,592 acres near Evanston

Wind turbine failure ignites prairie fire. I call it failure because bursting into flames is generally not the hoped for outcome. While it’s true that any “power plant” can catch fire, consider there are literally thousands of turbines per state, each with the ability to ignite and then ignite the area below them. Since they are 300 to 400 feet in the air, there’s no good way to put them out. A helicopter drop might help, at least to keep the fire from spreading, but there is a lot of flammable material in a wind turbine nacelle. Each one has the potential to ignite.

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Can you hear me now?

“Hearing loss, nausea and headaches.” Due to sonic “attacks” in Cuba? Really? That is very, very, very similar to what is called Wind Turbine Syndrome. Yet Wiki and every green energy group labels it psychosomatic. So WHY are diplomats back in the USA and considered to have been injured from “sonic attacks”? No one in the USA considers such injuries to be legitimate when reported in conjunction with wind turbines. They hand out anti-anxiety medications and tell people they are just imagining the symptoms. What changed? Why suddenly worry about hearing loss, nausea and headaches and be so paranoid and crazy to call it due to a “sonic weapon”?

Iflscience! says “Alternatively, infrasound could be used. This low-frequency noise – again beyond the range of human hearing – causes fatigue, apathy, hearing loss, confusion, disorientation, and nausea, according to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).” This is exactly what WTS is described as.

In fairness, there is no verification of actual hearing loss due to WTS, though I don’t know how much testing has actually been done. People who live near where wind turbines are going in should have their hearing tested immediately, for a baseline.
(The “weapon” in Cuba may have had ultrasonic components that caused the hearing loss.)

People suffering from WTS may want to have additional tests for central nervous system damage and mild traumatic brain injury. Do not tell the physician you live near turbines before the test. It will affect the reading of the results. (Note: This is not a condemnation of people reading the results.  It is an acknowledgment of human limitations.  EVERYONE is affected by confirmation bias.  It’s the reason for double-blind testing in science.)

One serious problem with all of this is the lack of baseline information. Before turbines go in, moving near turbines, or becoming a diplomat to a foreign country, get baseline data. It helps with a scientific case when the possible cause is something the government or industry does not want it to be.

Casper Wind with deliberate photo angle

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Odds and Ends

In honor of all the true believers out there:

bernie madoff


The new way to save CO2 emissions:
Gravity—it’s everywhere and it’s FREE!  Instead of using gas to drive cars downhill, the car will automatically shut off when a sensor indicates a sufficient slope for gravity to work.  Cars will be retrofitted to compensate for power steering and braking loss when the ignition is shut off.  Perhaps a battery backup can be utilized.  Large vehicles such as semi tractor-trailers will need more costly upgrades.  This cost can be born by the taxpayers through direct grants to tractor-trailer operators and an increase in consumer goods cost.  Buses will have the same problem—costly retrofits which will be covered by taxpayers and consumers.  It’s a small price to pay to save the planet from CO2.

Many, many jobs will be created while doing the retrofits and in maintaining those retrofits. Bluetooth will be installed to connect to GPS and ignition, automatically shutting off the engine as the car goes downhill. These modifications will not be optional.  If not made, the car cannot be licensed.  We can exempt ambulances and police vehicles from the gravity use modifications if models indicate this is necessary. An app will be available to calculate the speed your car will be going down hill based on the weight of your car and entering speed.  Just an FYI to make the downhill runs more pleasurable and to show you how well gravity is working.  Gravity is very reliable— it always works and always at the same rate—it’s physics! How could you argue with physics?  Some states may need to remove laws from books that say one cannot coast downhill, but in view of the importance of saving the planet, this should be no problem.

Coasting downhill should save a significant amount of fossil fuels, which is why we need to immediately begin work on adapting all vehicles to use this free fuel.


Gypsy wagons, total eclipses

Modern society still follows the gypsy wagon and is still buying the medicine show, only with government subsidies for the gypsies. People are not noticeably smarter than in the past, they just have more tech. Modern societies no longer think world is ending when a total eclipse occurs, but rather, the world ending will be due to an invisible gas that is produced by modern society. I think it was probably better to believe a total eclipse is end of world—this belief was much more quickly dispelled when the world was still there unchanged after the sun returned in its entirety.  Thereafter, the profits of doom who said the eclipse was a serious sign of impending disaster had to modify what they were preaching . They could have pointed out more rain, less rain, more violent storms, more insects, less insects, etc were actually now, after the eclipse, signs that we were not safe at all and more money needed to be spent on their snake oil to prevent coming doom.  Today, the profits of doom point to CO2 as the new threat to the future.  To reinforce that belief, they point to the usual weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods) and claim these are increasing and a direct result of raising CO2.  This belief is more difficult to break than the “the sun blacking out midday” is as a sign of impending doom.  The antagonists can invoke “science” as a justification, something the profits of doom never had to contend with when using the total eclipse as the sign of end times.   This enemy is invisible, but apparently very easily sold when coupled with “science”.  The gypsy wagons could have been so much more profitable and respected if they had only had “science” on their side.  Modern society is proof of this.


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The Latest

Before my rant on Wyoming, I thought I should mention a very interesting irony.  In 1973, Denmark started throwing up turbines after losing their oil to the oil embargo.  Apparently, Denmark’s major source of electrical power generation was dependent on OPEC.  Now, over 50 years later, rumors are surfacing the Europe will be dependent on Russian natural gas for their heat and electricity.  Russia may be the only source they have.  Thing have come full circle and shown a bright light on the complete failure of wind plants to save Europe from having it’s energy source cut off by the single supplier.  What a huge waste of money and resources the useless renewables were.  Nothing changed….


Warning: Do not move to Wyoming if you love open spaces, hunting, hiking or care in the least about the environment. Wyoming’s elected officials—Matt Mead, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso among others—HATE those things and are doing everything in their power to destroy these things. These people do NOT care about Wyoming residents. They care about money and nothing else.

On the other hand, if you want a taste of the Old West, where the rich and powerful just ran rip-shod over anyone who got in their way, this may be the place for you (more persons to trample are needed). If you want money to be more important than human beings or wildlife, this is the state for you. If you loved Obama, this is the state for you. If you want to live under thousands of alters to Obama and Gore, cheer the killing raptors (if you hate eagles, Wyoming is the place for you), and want to participate in the re-enactment of the range and cattle wars of old (except using government officials and lawyers instead of paid gunmen) playing the LOSING side, Wyoming may be for you. If greed and lack of caring are the major drivers of your life, you probably can be elected here and make a six figure salary while your constituents lose their income. The leaders of Wyoming are working hard to cover the state in turbines and power lines. If you think wind power is the way to go, move here. Be sure to bring plenty of money—there won’t be any jobs for you. If that’s a problem, too bad.

If your children are being taught that the Gold Rush was immoral and resulted in extreme environmental damage, remind them that wind and solar are doing the exact same thing.  They should understand the cleanup they are in for in the future.  As for learning history so we don’t repeat it, we repeat it anyway.  Human beings are very, very slow learners.

If you’ve heard those ads for 35 acre land for sale, etc, be aware your neighbors will be 50 or 60 400 ft. spinning propellers. If not today, it will come. The only thing Wyoming  values is to build thousands of turbines to impress the Greens and enrich the wealthy out-of-state billionaires. If you love slaving away to support these activities, then being shafted later on, Wyoming is the place for you.

Welcome to Wyoming, sucker.

Casper Wind2DSCN2626DSCN2534


End today’s rant.


Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.