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Power from Weather

It has happened. A massive blackout in South Australia, home of the “we are so proud of our renewable energy” state. Reports have claimed it was a “50 year” storm. For the weather illiterate, “50 year” storm does not mean a storm that occurs once every 50 years. It means that based on historical records, the conditions that produce the storm occur once every 50 years on average. The storms can occur three years in a row. (Think of Hillary Clinton winning 6 coin tosses in a row.) A similar storm can occur next week. The “50 year” designation is not a law of weather or even a postulated rule—it’s a statistical value based on past occurrences that has no predictive value. Some media reports appear to be warning that exactly this can happen and “probably will” (as in there’s a chance and let’s play it for all we’re worth to instill fear—of the turbines and renewable energy? Wait, that’s not it…..).

“It’s extremely rare to see a low of this much pressure and intensity,” he said. “It’s fair to say it’s going to get extremely nasty again.” (BoM senior meteorologist Craig Burke)
So it’s extremely rare but he can make accurate, certain predictions based on this? Global warming has made so-called scientists just like the man on the corner with the “The End is Near” sign, except with a claim that in their case said behaviour is perfectly rational and to be believed.

It is claimed this was a weather event, not a renewable energy event. Renewable energy is powered by weather. Any weather event is a renewable energy event—100%. Nothing but weather turns those turbines and energizes the solar panels. It’s bad enough that people do not understand how poor an energy source so-called renewables are, they don’t understand that this is energy powered by weather. Weather. Remember that next time a “professional” tells you otherwise. (For those who question this, where do you go to find out if it’s forecast to be sunny and windy—the weather report? Yeah…)

Another surprise to many is turbines have to be shut off in high wind. We can’t build a 400 ft spinning tower whose mechanical and electrical components won’t disintegrate at very high speeds. Winds of 80 mph have every turbine in the area shut down. Most have cut-out speeds of around 40 mph to 60 mph. Early turbines had to be turned back on manually. Newer ones reportedly do not. The manufacturers are working on improving the cut out/cut in problem. It is not clear if such a fix will work well, nor if it can be retrofitted. If not, billions of tons of materials will be needed to replace current turbines. That would not be very environmentally friendly. Note: Even if the cut in/cut out is made sufficiently smooth to not disrupt the grid, the power is still out in high wind.

This should be a wake-up call to those who believe in the fairy tale of renewable energy. Powering your country using weather and then claiming it’s weather which is the problem, not the renewable energy, must be a textbook definition of insanity. Not to mention a recipe for plunging into the darkness.

(h/t Greenie Watch)


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Richer rich, killer cats

Wyoming wind tax will not be increased—seems no one wanted their schools to have more revenue, so the proposal died. Interesting that parents felt cutting school budgets was the way to go. I hope these people don’t now complain about school cuts since it is exactly what they wanted. Somehow, since many people believe in unicorns and fairies, I foresee complaints anyway.

Once again the stupid (and that is the ONLY word that applies) argument that “cats kill more birds than wind turbines” has been strutted out. Really, that would then mean that if store employees steal less from a store than outsiders, it’s okay for the employees to steal. If pharmaceutically impaired drivers kill fewer people than drunk drivers, then it’s okay for these drivers to drive impaired. It is a stupid statement made by people who do not have any understanding of how the world works. It speaks to the intelligence of those who think wind is a good idea—as in there does not seem to be much there. These are often the same people who cannot understand why the global warming science is very, very flawed. They just BELIEVE so it must be so.

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Not in my backyard, but yours is okay to violate

From an article in EcoWatch by Laura Beans:

“This is not about the technical definition of fracking, it’s about whether we’re going to have an honest, reality-based, debate about the costs of our energy policies,” said co-host Ari Melber. “And look, those costs can get pretty ugly: unsightly water towers, fracking wells, strange smells and the kind of air and noise pollution just about anyone would avoid if they could afford it.”

Former mayor Calvin Tillman of Dish, TX—an area strongly affected  by fracking—joined the show to talk about the health impacts of fracking, including nosebleeds, which forced his family to leave their home.

No one should have to live near well pads, compression stations, incessant heavy truck traffic, or fracking water towers, nor should they have their water or air contaminated. You and I love the places where we live, but in the end, if they are ruined by fracking or frack water tanks, we can afford to pack up and go someplace else. However, many people can’t afford to move away when they can no longer drink the water or breathe the air because they are too close to one of your well pads or compressor stations.
Now, substitute the words “wind turbines” for fracking and see if you think Mr. Former Mayor would care in the least about your backyard and the inhabitability of your home.  Of course not—he only cares about his own backyard, as most environmentalists do.

Next time you’re confronted by the “NIMBY” charge, try quoting the altruistic former mayor and make sure the person making the charge cannot worm his way out of the obvious hypocrisy of the environmental movement.

Casper Wind with deliberate photo angle

Nobody should have to put up with an unsightly tower, noise, etc in their back yards

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Mass extinctions? Maybe due to environmentalist’s policies.

There has been much talk about “climate refugees’ due to alleged climate change such as sea level rise. There are threats of extinction of species and even huge stretches to make climate change the “reason” for extinctions of certain rodents. There is virtually no talk about refugees and extinctions due to environmentalists.

What refugees, you ask? First, there are the victims of wind turbines and greedy neighbors and landowners who care nothing about anyone but themselves and making money. People who could no longer live in a place with nightly strobe effects, low-level vibration day and night, huge towers that can burn or come apart. (1) No one cares that these people lost their homes and are now environmental refugees. Yet, they are just as much refugees as any coastal dweller whose island is supposedly disappearing due to sea level rise. Driven out by the uncaring, greedy merchants of faux concern for the earth.

Next, the birds forced to either move or risk death by the spinning blades of the money producing wind turbines. One supposes if the turbines actually did produce useful energy, the deaths might be acceptable. Yet these bird deaths were not acceptable when it was fossil fuel generated power, so what has changed? The greedy, uncaring merchants of faux concern are now the ones making huge amounts of money. You see, it’s not about the money per se, it’s about who is making the money. Slaughtering birds was bad when Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring. It was ethical and moral to outlaw DDT and subject millions of Africans to death by malaria because DDT was an evil, unnatural product that caused bird eggs to thin. Birds outranked people by far. Now, the money is on the “green side” so it’s fine to slaughter thousands and thousands of birds a year with the spinning towers of death. It’s still about greed and government welfare, but this time the greens are getting the money, so it’s fine.

The same ignoring of bird deaths is true of thermal solar such as Ivanpah, where birds are literally fried to a crisp, unless they are lucky enough to only end up with singed wings. Worse yet, the project has failed to produce the expected power. Of course, the owners say they just need more time to adjust the equipment and decide the most efficient way to run the place. Considering 1.5 billion dollars went into this, one would have thought it was ready to go, not a massive expensive beta test.

It is possible that the second extinction “due to climate change” will be birds and bats killed by environmentalists. It would be different if the turbines provided 24/7 electricity and were our only option. They don’t and they aren’t. Solar has the same short-comings as wind. Turbines do nothing but create a lie that we are saving the environment. There is no way possible to supply the needs of America with turbines. Where I live, the turbines for the past three to four months have had a capacity factor of less than 10%, possibly less than 5%. The “always there” wind is not there—day after day, month after month. There’s no switch to turn it back on. So the towers stand idle, a testament to the insanity of the environmental movement. At least it slows the eventual extinction of the birds that merely 60 years ago were worth having millions of humans die to save.

(1) Ivanpah information from the March 16, 2016 Wall Street Journal



The turbine jungle

Speed Star 1.1532354  00

A dangerous hunting ground

Speed Star 1.1464381  00

Dark and dangerous



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Things I’ve run across

Wind energy cured cancer—at least the kind caused by EM lines. Greens protested far and wide about power lines causing brain tumors, cancer, etc and now they want the country buried under the lines so we can use expensive, limited wind and solar power. Who knew wind turbines could cure cancer?

(Wait, you say the greens were wrong about the cancer? Really? That means they most certainly can be, and are, wrong about global warming and “free fuel”, intermittent, wild-life killing, land destroying power sources.)






The blogger of these articles is a believer in global warming, but also a practical person who recognizes that sometimes the “cure” being recommended is worse than the “disease”.  His articles are always interesting.


“Considering 67% of the electricity in the US comes from fossil fuels and another 19% from nuclear (EIA 2014), I would guess Apple is completely clueless as to how much of their energy comes from non-renewable sources. With 86% of their energy needing to be replaced by 19th century technology for 21st century purposes, perhaps Apple should go into the miracle business and forget computers.”

This is a comment I made concerning Apple and it’s vow to go 100% renewable.  What this really means is:  We are going to do some slight of hand accounting maneuvers and pretend we aren’t tied to the grid.  Unless Apple has NO power lines from the grid whatsoever, this 100% stuff is a lie, pure and simple.  Yet it sells.  How did people become so uninformed and so inclined to believe in unicorns and fairies?  How did business become such liars about their actions?


I have been in a rather foul mood lately.  Seems the rich and powerful have run ripshod over the citizens of Wyoming and are pouring concrete by the tons for a wind plant that was not to be built.  Oh wait, rich and powerful get whatever they want and a government handout is what they want.

Most disturbing is these plants enrich OIL companies.  How completely ignorant and clueless must one be to want OIL companies out of business while advocating for giving them government handouts?

If anything will cause the extinction of many animals and birds while doing mosterous damage to the environment, it’s the greedy, self-serving leeches who claimed to care about the planet.  They are bleeding the world dry putting up bird killing useless turbines whose manufacture mines billions of tons of materials mostly in countries with few if any environmental regulations.  There is no care or concern about the planet whatsoever.  It’s all greed, greed, greed and control.  These are deplorable people.


In the vein of deplorable, the turbines to the south of my house have sat idle most of the last two months.  That “windy Wyoming” rule of thumb is what we call worthless.  Wind has only exceeded 10 mph for perhaps a week in eight.  It has been calm, calm, calm.  So all that damage done and NOTHING in return.  That is so wrong.  So very wrong.



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Kill the eagles, enrich the profiteers

Wyoming joins with other states in killing eagles, enriching oil men and corporate millionaires and destroying the environment. The wind plant in Boxelder canyon is being started, even without lawsuits settled and take permits issued. Why? Because if the thing is not operational by the end of 2016, there’s no contract demanding the power company buy the energy at an outrageous price. Thank you government intervention.

People always said Wyoming was only interested in money while developing oil. Not true—oil heats homes and powers cars.  Wind plants are useless and only interested in government handouts. The wind industry cannot live without government support. It’s all about holding people at gunpoint and taking their money and destroying the environment for a huge check. It’s as immoral as one can get, considering everyone of these people KNOW wind is just damaging the environment while making them rich. These people make oil companies look like saints. They lie about the usefulness of wind, they steamroll over people and put in the plants (never mind the blessed UN that they so love called wind plants a violation of human rights—like they care about human rights if it stands in the way of money grubbing). I am tired of all this RICO act stuff concerning global warming. How about a RICO investigation into who profits from destroying the environment with useless wind turbines?

I have not gone back to Boxelder Canyon since the project was announced. It was a beautiful drive, filled with wildlife and flora. Now, it will be a shrine to Al Gore and his lies and the greed and lack of caring by those who lie about wanting to save the environment.  I don’t know where the turbines will be located, nor will I ever know.  It’s so disgusting and vile I will never return to any part of the area.








Waterfall on Boxelder Canyon

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Fire around turbines, Turbine parts

There was a prairie fire last fall that burned all around the turbines north of Casper.  Pictures:


This was a fast moving grass fire that started at the municipal landfill and spread due to 50 mph winds.  No one will admit guilt, and most of the county residents are angry with the whole mess.  The fire burned down 12 houses.  There was a “Thanks Landfill” sign up for quite some time.  Current claims are being processed.  I don’t know if the turbines were damaged or not—I don’t think so.


Environmentally friendly?

A new storage area was put in at the Natrona County airport for wind turbine parts.  It reportedly took 22 million tons of rock to create a base on which to store the parts, due, of course, to their size and weight.  I have trouble imagining 22 million tons of rock as being environmentally friendly—I can only imagine the pit left when the rock was removed.  The story was in Wyoming Business Report, where it said the turbines need wind velocities of 7 to 40 mph any of which generates the same amount of electricity.  It seems the writer is not aware of Betz’s Law.  Not good.

As of late, we have had very high winds and the turbines have cut out repeatedly.  So much for the “wonderful Wyoming wind”.  All it does is shut down the machines.

The only up side is the article said the company is being charged $1500 per month with some increases over what may be a five year term.

Here are some pictures of the facility:



Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.