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Update:  December 6, 2013 Yesterday’s Casper Star Tribune had this: And another source: The answer to the number of dead eagles (not including dead bats and other “non-protected” birds) is 36 to 64 estimate for the first 500 turbines.  Of course, it’s very unlikely the number will actually be that low.  That’s the […]

It certainly is about the money (subsidy)

From the Republic: “Williams said the American Wind Energy Association will seek a long-term tax credit because the wind energy industry is almost entirely dependent on the boom and bust of the production tax credit.” Finally, an admission that it is about the government credits and wind cannot compete on it’s own.  

Take them down

A couple have won a landmark legal battle to have 10 wind turbines taken down because they spoil the view from their dream home in France. In a judgement which could have widespread implication across Europe, including Britain, the husband and wife successfully argued that the 360ft high structures ruined their quality of life. As well […]

It’s about the birds, part two

John Anderson, AWEA, wrote a letter earlier on eagle deaths and wind turbines. He says “climate change caused by CO2 emission are the single most threat to wildlife”, thus implying we must cut back or stop using fossil fuels at all costs. It follows that we must do whatever is needed, even if we end […]

It’s about the birds, part one

My paper ran an article on 


Wandering Words


“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.