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Revisiting posts

Lest anyone think I am exaggerating on the wind invasion of the once scenic Wyoming, I researched turbines going into the vicinity of my cabin (now being sold—any turbine lovers out there looking for a recreational area?) or on route to it.  There are the following going in, according to the DEQ and local papers:

Boswell Springs  170 turbines  (currently on hold due to dispute)

Ekola Flats  100 turbines

Lucky Star  200 turbines

Two Rivers  77 turbines

TB Flats  200 turbines

This is over a period of approximately four years.  That’s 747 turbines in only three counties.  Highly over-crowded and destructive.  So much for open spaces, preserving wildlife, historic areas or anything whatsoever that was once Wyoming.  Add in the 1000 turbines Anshutz is putting in on the no longer historic, no longer a ranch (though that’s on hold, while he still gets the PTC no matter how long it takes, it seems) and you have 1800 turbines.  Plus, 120 turbines in Roundhouse west of Cheyenne (for the benefit of Colorado, of course.  God forbid they destroy their lovely state).

There are also plans for an additional 48 turbines NE of Glenrock (proud recipient of several hundred already) and 47 NE of Evanston (west side of the state).  By my count, which may not be 100% accurate, there are 836 turbines in the SE corner of Wyoming:


White line shows border of area I am addressing


The motivation for every one of these was MONEY.  Towns did not care what citizens wanted.  Ranchers lied about caring about ranching while turning their former ranch into a power plant (funny, I wonder how many would “host” a natural gas plant for backup.  Yet 400 to 500 foot steel towers with spinning blades is somehow “green”.  Only to the most greedy or ignorant.  These are INDUSTRIAL wind and the Industrial Siting Council permits them.  There is nothing rural, farm or anything similar.  It is industrialization of huge segments of areas with too few people to fight back.  The UN called this a violation of human rights.  Funny, when the UN speaks on climate change we are supposed to listen, but human rights?  Who cares????)

I must add that the stupidity of humans plays into this.  A friend told me people actually believe this destruction will provide jobs and make their towns bigger and better.  Not to mention the bribes from the wind companies in the form of playgrounds, etc.  Eighty percent of the workforce is from out-of-state and will leave when the projects are over.  Permanent jobs are well under 50 per installation (way less, as far as I can tell) and MOST will go to out-of-staters who have the training and clout to get them.  Many of the jobs pay less than half of what is paid by fossil fuel industries.  The turbines will do zip for these gullible fools.  No jobs, ruined landscape, now living in industrial parks.  It boogles the mind.

Imagine your recreational area surrounded by nearly 747 NEW turbines.  This does not include the 200 to 400 already there.  Over a thousand turbines to drive through, watch the blinking lights destroy the night sky, and watch your rural area industrialized for NOTHING but MONEY.  I cannot emphasize how much damage is done for NO BENEFIT other than financial.  NONE.  Yet the cult of AGW continues to worship these things and greedy towns and states destroy their environment with them.  Many of these 1000+ are in sage grouse areas, but since Trump was elected, the “deal” about sage grouse means nothing.  If only the ESA had had the sense to list them.  Now, they don’t have a chance.  But who needs a stupid bird when you can make MONEY?  (Note:  If there really was any benefit to these turbines, that would have to be weighed against the birds.  However, tax breaks and billion-dollar bonuses for the ultra-wealthy with zero other benefit?  Might as well just plow the birds and the prairie under, hand over the money and smile.  The damage is less permanent to the prairie, though probably not the birds.  It’s also far more honest.)

All of this damage could have been avoided with fossil fuel plants and natural gas or coal.  The goal of AGW is obviously to kill the patient, not save it.


Mile upon mile of industrial development in a now industrial area.  Rural Wyoming destroyed for decades.

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