Calling all fools

I always hear the ads trying to sell to complete losers who have no idea what a contemptuous, vile place Wyoming really is inviting them to buy “real ranch land”.  Yep, bordered by a vile, greedy, rich rancher that will dwarf your land with wind turbines to up his income by six or seven digits.  Now, I will be honest—this is what the West was and is.  Hateful, spiteful rich who ran ripshod over those who provided the labor that enabled them to live on their giant ranches and live in luxury.  The West was and is ruled by hatred and contempt for the little people.  Wind invasion is a natural consequence of this.  The rich and powerful destroying the environment, running over anyone who gets in their way.  That, perhaps, is the reason why I laugh when I hear some moron say he’s “running off and buying that ranch in Wyoming”.  Jump right in buckaroo.  You’ll love the turbines, the liberal media, the rich ranchers and politicians and their contempt for your existence.  You won’t escape the insanity like you think you will because you’re too stupid to realize what the West really is.  Spend your life savings and live on a godforsaken prairie surrounded by a rancher’s “money for nothing, get your checks for free” turbine jungle while he lives in that giant mansion miles from the turbines.  You’re garbage—nothing but a source of money and labor with zero rights.  So go for it.

Yes, this is harsh.  It’s also real and true.  The contempt and hatred the wind energy has for humanity, the greed….The gold rush, oil rush, etc had NOTHING on these people.  Nothing.  This is pure hatred and greed.  Saving the planet is a lie to cover the pure evil in what is going on.  I repeat this often because people really do not understand just how evil this all is.  Love of money is very real and alive in the wind industry.  The difference between wind and say the oil rush is the complete lies and lack of any value for the “product”.  It’s equivalent to simply blowing up mountains for the heck of it and having the government send a check.  In fact, if we could convince the foolish public that blowing up mountains helped save the planet, the government probably would send a check and blow them up.  For an “advanced” society, we are complete failures and as self-destructive as they come.  Living with our heads in the sand as SOP.

So buy that little piece of paradise—you’ll get exactly what you have coming.  A turbine jungle, a liberal government and you’ll get to freeze in the winter as a bonus (the nine months of winter).  The real West is cruel, nasty and getting more contemptible by the minute.  Send that check tomorrow—lots are going fast.

I do realize many people are so far gone nothing makes a dent.  There was a woman who was told the full truth about where she was buying but she called everyone liars and mean for telling her what she did not want to hear.  Then she moved there—and all of the informaton was true just as she had been told.  Which may be why I now encourage people to dive in.  Saves time.

Perhaps the most ironic thing is so many of these turbine jungles give ranchers/oil men free money.  These turbines SUPPORT oil and gas.  How totally idiotic and ironic that these are praised by those who oppose oil and gas while the wind industry and government write checks to the oil companies and oil men themselves.  A ship of fools.


Wyoming “rangeland” being maintained for the comfort of turbines


Nothing says open space like hundreds of spinning 400 ft towers like these

Casper Wind2

Your lovely open spaces and a nice home on the range


Speed Star 1.1464381  00

Your newest neighbors

3 comments on “Calling all fools

  1. False Progress: Nice try. Your comment was edited. You KNOW you’re banned for rudeness, yet you break the rules. Better yet, you have the audacity to complain that other’s do so. You are world-class hypocrite, though being a global warming advocate, one does expect lies and rudeness.

    You still FAIL to understand that not mentioning something is not equivalent to not believing it. By that rule, you obviously believe in nuclear power, perpetual motion machines and horse-drawn buggies. Your sense of logic and reality is non-existent.

    Some Australians are correct in their assessment. Most fire today is the result of stupid humans lighting fires or being careless, or poor forestry practices. Fires in the 1800’s were MASSIVE and far more “damaging”, there just was not a news crew there. That’s reality, False, that’s reality.

  2. Very good points, so why can’t you understand that the fossil fuel industry is corrupt as well? They just don’t build structures that stick out so much, and they only put them where geology allows, not wind.

    Related: Some Australians insists that their massive fires (at least 500 million animals and dozens of humans dead so far) are merely due to lack of brush clearing or tree thinning.

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