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Where turbine blades go when they die and other thoughts

I’m sitting here waiting for the lights to pop off again. Seems that my power company cannot keep lights on when there’s wind, sun, rain, you name it. They’re great at destroying sage grouse habitat (their latest destructive binge goes right through prime sage grouse territory. Guess I’ll have to look for grouse survivors in other areas if I want to photograph them anymore. Same for the horned lizard, Wyoming’s soon-to-be-driven out state reptile. Heck, who needs a silly bird and a worthless reptile anyway….) but you can count on the lights popping off at least four or five times a month. I guess that’s the “new normal”, right?


P081019_0940dThese are cell phone photos of the landfill’s latest “project”

The Natrona County Landfill was on the news trying to explain why they are burying wind turbine blades. The spokesperson said the landfill would get $675,000 for burying the giant fiberglass trash. I guess if you bury the mess, you can continue to lie to people about how ecofriendly the turbines are. Problem was, people saw the mess and made derogatory comments about wind turbines on social media. Being the liberal paradise we are, we CANNOT have that. So, the media trots out and obediently puts a “rebuttal” on the news. (Rebuttal being: But, but, but, but they gave us money….What we live for.)

The spokesperson said the landfill has millions of cubic yards of space available, which is why they won the wind trash lottery. Interesting, they are spending nearly a million dollars on upgrading a baler (in the past, the thing worked less than half the time. So embarrassing–town can’t even maintain a baler properly and spent months arguing over who should pay for the repairs) that COMPACTS trash. Hello????? If the landfill has millions and millions of cubic yards to bury wind trash, why are they spending a million on a new trash compactor? Oh, wait, I remember. Virtue signaling. Yep.

One good thing came out of this–NO MORE RECYCLING FOR ME!!! I was giving up plastic anyway (seems no one wants the mess Americans try to pawn off on them as “recyclable” plastic mixed with trash), so why bother? However, originally we were asked to recycle cardboard because there was not enough space in the landfill. Oooooppps. Seems that was not exactly the case, doesn’t it? So, the cardboard goes in the trash now. Maybe lying to the citizenry was not a good idea.

The landfill spokesperson said wind turbines recycle 90% of their “waste” (like wind isn’t a waste entirely…). Yes, by weight, they do. I realized then that landfills operate under the same insane procedures as all other government entities. Weight really does not matter. Only volume does. Hundreds of pounds of trash would not take as much space as the lighter, gigantic turbine blades. Volume-wise, burying those gigantic blades is far more space intensive than the towers, but that matters not. The steel weighs more than the fiberglass. Again, fantasy and lies are what keep the wind industry alive, besides graft, crony capitalism, etc. If reality were to smack these people….Never.

Actually, I must add there was a minor miracle recently. Michael Moore, known for Trump hating and a bad attitude, made a movie about renewables. Much to his, and everyone else’s surprise, it turns out renewables are not green and not clean. Of course, those of use who live next to them KNOW this, but those living in ivory towers do not know and generally do not care. I really want to commend him on actually finishing the movie and presenting it publicly. One can only imagine how bad things must be to have a previous “true believer” come out publicly against renewables in an age where such things are generally considered heresy. That may be the true miracle.

Broken turbine


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