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Dark futures

This morning my hubby and I were discussing how Pacific Power is spending $3 billion on useless tax credits for Warren Buffet when they can’t keep the lights on as it is.  In the last couple of weeks, the lights have popped off repeatedly.   Just about that time, the lights blinked.  Now, as I am sitting here at my computer, 5 hours later, again, the lights went out.  This time, for considerably longer than the first time.  I’m anticipating a complete, lengthy outage any day now.  

NYC had a major “disruption” (don’t you love that term?) that shut down Broadway, a Jennifer Lopez concert, the subway…..It does not bode well for the future that these folks think Energy from Weather can keep their lights on.  Might as well cancel Broadway and concerts, find alternative methods of getting to work and learn to love sitting in the dark.  You probably should stay home with the door locked as much as possible, I would think.  

This is very indicative of the electricity of the future.  As in, it will be lousy and go out over and over.  This may damage appliances, etc, causing people to have to replace things and waste energy and money in doing so.  Yet, none of this matters.  This is the power of the future, people.  Learn to love it.








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