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Alice in Wonderland syndrome

“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible ideas before breakfast.”  The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland

I realized today how people fail to understand that you cannot be for renewables like wind and solar and be for fossil fuels too.  There is no such thing as being for “all forms of energy”.  Seriously, would the fools (and there are thousands of them out there) that make this argument be for “all forms of government”?  Would they want capitalism AND communism simultaneously?  People, the Venn diagrams on these ideas do not overlap.  The ideas are mutually exclusive.  Just as the goal of communism is to destroy capitalism, the goal of wind and solar is to destroy fossil fuels.  That’s why states like North Dakota, Wyoming, Texas and others heavily invested in fossil fuels are so incredibly stupid for supporting wind and solar.  They are inviting in their own destruction.  You can argue that wind and solar will never replace fossil fuels, and that may be true (at least as far as efficiency goes), but these people are inviting in the wolf and pretending that one can pet the wolf and it will be nice like a doggy.  If we only placate the “renewables” people, they won’t try and destroy our energy sector.  It almost never works out that way.  Somewhere along the line, the wolf turns on the person with disastrous consequences.  Like people who photograph bears and lions by walking up close to the wild animal.  Or those who “live among the bears” until the bears devour them, yet they always believe they will be fine.  

Very often we concentrate on the reasons why wind won’t work, while ignoring the reality that many claimed fossil fuel advocates are fully supporting the wind industry and their desire to take away fossil fuels.  That seems to be a failing strategy in virtually every case.  Until the bear attacks (as in the case of some European countries and their rapidly failing renewable industries), the turbines and panels keep going in.  The more turbines, the more it reinforces the belief that wind has value or that solar will work.  Oil companies participate in this fantasy, believing they too can pet the wolf and nothing bad will happen.  Or, as I have said before, there are people who throw chickens to alligators, believing the alligator will be happy with the snacks and not go for the main course, the chicken thrower.  The longer it goes on, the higher the probability of the chicken thrower becoming the main course.  

Supporting wind and solar is opposing fossil fuels.  That needs to be shouted far and wide.  I am not optimist the submissive politicians can grasp the idea since it would be called “mean” and wanting “pollution”, etc.  Amazing that humans are cannot grasp the idea of selling out and losing it all.  Wind and solar are 100% anti-fossil fuels and supporting them is supporting “leave it in the ground”.  Whether or not one understands the concept or not.  It’s time to call support of wind and solar what it is—a desire to destroy fossil fuels.



There can be only one.  Which will you chose?

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