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The death of a state

This is a needed rant on the complete apathy of human beings to the stupidity and destruction of their states.  Waking people up is like getting blood from a turnip.  I truly believe people will end up freezing and starving from their own stupidity and apathy.


Going to our cabin (WHICH NO ONE SHOULD EVER INVEST IN WYOMING REAL ESTATE, EVER, EVER, EVER) we find more of the damnable turbines going in.  We bought land where there was nothing and no reason for anything to go in, until the LIBERALS took over the state, government handouts became the mantra of the greedy and destruction provided a tidy “profit” for all involved.  In other words, until corruption and greed became the way of life.  Wyoming is a liberal state that LOVES Warren Buffet, lets him own the BLM land (he and Peter Anschutz) and pillage the place to his liberal heart’s content.  Wyoming is NOT NOT NOT conservative.  The politicians are complete cowards.  My advice—move somewhere else or learn to love your investments pillaged for the rich out-of-staters.  If you make a million or more, you MIGHT be appreciated.  The rest of you—you’re trash to Wyoming.  TRASH.  (Just like the people in California are trash to their government.  Wyoming has illegals and they love them.  Wyoming will do anything “green”, including destroying oil, gas and coal.  Yes, they will destroy the minerals industry.  As Limbaugh says “Don’t doubt me”.  Better to move to California, where at least they don’t lie about their intentions.  Besides, California has much better weather.)

I refuse to support any businesses in Wyoming that I can possibly avoid.  If they hate me so much and hate the environment so much and hate the very things people move here for, why support them?  Buy off the internet and buy as little as possible.  It makes no sense to support those who destroy and those who live by greed.

I am including this because too often people fall for the lies about “conservative” states that do nothing conservative, that pillage and plunder just like the liberal ones.  Wyoming has always been California’s whore and it’s going to get worse.  The only consolation is sooner or later a liberal will win the White House and Wyoming will empty out in a flash as coal, oil and gas are shut down  (coal is already going—maybe 600 jobs soon   UPDATE: reports are 600 to 700 jobs lost.  Start the celebration.  The enviros and the libs are starting the destruction of Wyoming.  Be happy.  It’s what Wyomingites voted for and support.  Or at least they don’t care enough to do anything about it.  Think about it—oil and gas and coal and the power company spends $3 BILLION on wind turbines.  Can you say “choosing suicide”?????), costing all these greedy, self-serving politicians and business everything they own.  I cannot wait for that day.  I’m a big fan of karma (aka natural consequences).  It’s time to call out evil and the wind industry and all those that support it are EVIL.  Pure evil.  

Considering the proximity to the old uranium mine, complete with those radioactive warning signs, you’d think some people would worry.  Guess greed overcomes fear, right?



Photos of the destruction and pillaging.


Funny, people fear Fukishima and freak out, but pay them a bunch of money and they’ll install turbines within a few miles of this sign.  They drive right by it.  Wow, just doesn’t get any dumber than that.

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