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No Sympathy

No sympathy

I want to be clear on something–all the greedy, selfish uncaring states that started wind energy and the PTC and continued to drain the taxpayers, raise costs and spreading wind cancer–when this bites you on the back side, I DO NOT CARE. People think they can control greed and destruction, reign it so they make lots of money, but the monster won’t devour you in the end. Stupid has terrible consequences and we are seeing this. Iowans are apparently discovering this in the last year. I have zero sympathy.

(https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/investigations/readers-watchdog/2018/08/01/iowa-wind-turbines-energy-neighbors-midamerican-energy-bridges-madison-county-dexter-adair/809981002/ for information on Iowa’s downfall)

For years I’ve told people how stupid and irresponsible it is to toss tidbits to a monster and think it won’t turn on you, yet the belief continues. I can see no way to reach those who deny reality–until reality slaps them hard. It’s a tough way to learn, but it seems more and more common. Denying reality until the consequences are massive and very, very bad is a great way to destroy your future and a very popular one.

I broke association with a Wyoming legislator for this reason. He “supports wind” but wants to tax it. He wrote about the environmental damage, etc, of wind and his kid’s futures and their losses due to this, but then said it was fine to destroy anything as long as you tax it. Killing birds, destroying open spaces, raising electrical costs, getting a tax break for Warren Buffet are all just a-okay with adequate tax revenues. Just never criticize wind. Keep chucking those treats to the wind monster and hope your kids don’t freeze to death when the power goes out. Forget them hunting, or fishing or enjoying nature. That’s so yesterday. Today, MONEY is what we need and it’s fine to destroy whatever it takes to get it. The state can literally go to hell as long as there is money coming in.

Not that this is new. I have repeatedly said governors and legislators would sell their wives, children and grandmothers to Satan for a buck. Money is all that matters to Wyoming.

Now there is Wind Wyoming’s Way–aka greedy and cowardly, like all the other idiot states out there. So kiddies, when Daddy and Grandpa’s wind love destroys your state, thank them for their “caring” aka greed and cowardice. Don’t worry about what your future could have been if kissing behinds and going along had not been the motto of the decade. Besides, your schools tell you we have 12 years left and we are all going to die anyway. Why not make a lot of money fast?

Stopping wind is tough when GREED and COWARDICE are so very, very prevalent in America. I at times figure if no one loves their kids and their futures enough to fight, then it really doesn’t matter. We’ve lost the battle anyway. Socialism and energy poverty are the future of America and it is indeed what Americans show they want every day.


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