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Who needs scenic views anyway???

dscn1947 (1)

These are the “We can shaft the daylights out of you” wind turbines south of Glenrock. (The picture is a telephoto shot from my bedroom window.) GREED incarnate. A modern incarnation of the gold rush, where the rich can run rip shod over everyone’s rights in order to scoop up that tax revenue and RPS advantages of useless Weather From Energy. Again, as in the gold rush, zero concern exists for the environment, other people or the future. It’s all about getting as much money as one can by destroying anything in the way.

The plant was fought in court but reportedly sneaked in over the angry protests of the town residents. After all, the rich ranchers NEED that money. So does the oil company guy with a ranch in the area. Since none of these people actually live anywhere near the turbines, they don’t give a whit about what happens. It’s MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. I truly believe they’d plow the prairie under, kill every single wildlife specimen they can get in their sights and burn out any people who got in the way. Nothing says greed and destruction like the wind industry. In the end, wind will destroy more scenic areas and species than the gold rush and oil industry–but only for the sake of greed. There is ZERO utility in wind–it is nothing but destruction. Nothing.

Now, one of our legislators is trying to get a tax on wind energy, because he’s such a coward he will not oppose wind. He just thinks taxing it will work to slow the growth. First, as soon as any money comes in from wind, recipients will be out recruiting more and more and more. His kids will live in the turbine jungle he created due to lack of a spine. Second, a tax won’t stop these things. Wind just finds another way to rip off people.

These turbines are why I shut down my business of selling pictures and DVDs, etc of Wyoming. It was the final eye opener to the liberal, environmentally hateful nature of Wyoming rulers and the elite. I realized Wyoming is virtually no different than California or Colorado–interested only in destroying oil and gas while wiping out the scenery and wildlife with turbines. We haven’t changed a bit since the Johnson County cattle wars where the rich eliminated all competition with impunity. Selling photos of the beauty our rulers despise seemed pointless. I guess I could have switched to photos of money and sold those as the true Wyoming….

As it stands, there are 11 turbines to the south of my home, 200 plus to the northeast, 46 to the southeast and over 200 to the east and south of my cabin. There simply is nothing worth photographing anymore and that undoubtedly makes the Governor and all the rulers very, very happy. Destruction of the West is the motto of the rulers. If you were considering moving to Wyoming, think twice. Oil and gas may be up now, but let a Democrat be elected to the presidency and you can count on massive destruction of this state by the environment pillagers that pretend they are saving the planet. Wyoming is nothing but a dumping ground for the elites. (And PROUD of it, sad to say.)

Nothing says greed, contempt, hatred and dislike for humanity and the planet as do wind plants and the wind industry.


Casper Wind2

11 turbines to the south of my house–I can just see the blades out my south window and drive by them every time I go to town

Speed Star 1.1532354  00

Turbines visible from my ranch (this photo is taken much closer to the turbines than my cabin sits and shows only a few of the 200 plus turbines)


Telephoto picture of the turbines to the north and east

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