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The wind is always blowing somewhere

You hear that all the time from the wind energy.  You also hear “Wyoming wind is always blowing”.  Actually, it’s not always blowing and today it was blowing way too hard.  However, none of it matters if the turbines look like this:

Casper Wind2

Yes,  I mean EXACTLY like that.  As in not turning.  The Chevron wind plant has been virtually motionless for over six weeks.  One morning early we observed them turning for less than half an hour, never all at once and for very brief periods.  Other than that, nothing.  The first day, we thought the turbines had cut out due to the high wind.  However, time went by and they still failed to turn.  That continues through today—dead in the water, not moving.

Considering this is 11.5% of 2018 that we can verify the turbines did not turn, their actual production is going to be “less than optimal” for the year.  All those taxes that the state thought they would get are not coming either.  No generation, no taxes.

Tell me again how these things save the planet and generate revenue, because I must be missing something.

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