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“In the Moment” Hydro

Always searching for the next revolutionary FREE energy!

What if hydroelectric energy was done like wind energy? The government doles out energy tax breaks and money handouts for building hydro plants on any creek that has sufficient flow at least 10% of the time. NO dam is built, just the creek flow utilized. Estimated costs run just over $2 million dollars per plant, plus maintenance and tie-in to the grid. Tax breaks, etc, will cover three-quarters of the cost. And every creek that has sufficient flow to produce any amount of electricity over time can be used and a plant built. Since the flow is just through the turbines, fish may end up dead, but it’s a small price to pay for “free electricity” and “saving the planet”. How about it? Coming soon to a creek near you—“in the moment” hydro. (Think old-fashioned water wheels that were used to grind grain. Just like windmills that pumped water. Waterwheels were great then, why not use Them for a completely different thing now and claim we’re using an old idea for a “modern” use and the idea has been around for centuries, so it must be good.)

Some creeks will average enough flow to make a fair amount of electricity. Of course, snow melt fed creeks may occassionally be dry,then runoff will fill them, then cold weather stops the runoff, then runoff again. Drought may dry some streams up for a while, etc. Heavy rains will mean you have power to spare. Flooding, and the plant shuts down. No rain, no runoff, no power. Remember, though, you get some power and some is better than none, right?


Our next free energy source

How about it? Let’s use energy from weather to its fullest with “in the moment” hydro.

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