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Death by wind cult

Death by Wind Cult

Greetings suicidal wind cult members.  This summer, many of you would have died of heat stroke because you believe in the Wind Gods and lies of the Church of the Windy Spires.  I have heard fools say over and over that the wind always blows in Wyoming.  Okay, but that stupid, wrong, irresponsible lie will kill you in the end.  It does NOT blow in the summer, when people often need the electricity the most.  There are days where it blows very little.  Even on a “good” day, you’re lucky to 1/2 to 3/4 of the rated capacity.  Which equals no A/C and death by heat stroke.  No lights, nothing.  Because you believe.

Death by stupid is not at all uncommon and sadly it’s rarely preventable.  People worship stupidity and lies.  It’s what they do.  Cults consist of very rich people living off the stupid sheep that follow them.  It is the same with the Wind Cult.  Billionaires get richer while the stupid sheep say oil companies are evil for making money.  The sheep are too ignorant and apathetic to learn that Big Wind makes BILLIONS and much of it is stolen from tax payers.  The believers, however, do not care.  They believe.  The fact that the physics of wind make it impossible to use in modern society does not matter.  They believe.  The destruction of the landscape and wildlife does not matter.  They believe.  It’s a fully faith based Wind Cult which in the end will kill its members and a lot of innocent bystanders, but they do not care.  They believe.

So, Wind Cult members, here’s to you.  Taking your place among those who died stupid, worthless deaths by believing the lies of few billionaires that hated you and used you.  Death by stupidity is basically a worthless death, but it’s your death.  You can die however you want.  Hopefully, non-believers will be smart enough to flee the area before they go with you.  If not, well, failure to recognize danger is generally fatal.  The cult should have been stopped decades ago.


Church of the Windy Spires


                                   Fatal last words


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