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Elections; Wind does not blow somewhere all the time

Letter to the editor I recently submitted:

“Some of the gubernatorial candidates in Wyoming are all for wind and solar. Some also state they are businessmen. Putting aside the scam of wind for the moment, to be “for wind and solar because they are part of the energy mix” is as foolish and uneducated as to sell Chevy at your Ford dealership because “they are part of the mix” or campaigning for both the Democrat and the Republican candidate because “they are part of the mix”. Wind and solar are not part of the mix. They are to replace oil, gas and coal. That is the stated goal of having wind and solar. This, even though they actually do virtually nothing but make millionaires more money and damage the environment, due their completely unreliable, random nature. So some of our candidates are supporting destroying scenic Wyoming views (they say they care about), building 400 ft spinning towers that kill raptors and bats and benefit only the lobbyists and owners for no real benefit to Wyoming. Wyoming may get a pittance in property tax and a paltry $1 a MW tax from these eyesores. Anyone know how much that amounts to? Compare that quantity to the stated capacity factor of wind and you get the idea of what a sham this is. Why would a businessman support such a thing?
Let’s see: Our “businessmen” candidates are for selling and supporting the competition’s useless, damaging product. Wow, that’s the kind of thinking that made Wyoming such a business mecca. Personally, I would prefer someone who understood the scam, was farsighted enough to see that the minute Democrats win the government back they will try to shut real energy down as fast as practicable and Wyoming will be shut down with it. And the residents may have voted to support those who wanted the “green energy” that took down the state, allowed the elected candidate to be liked by the press and the left, and tossed Wyoming out in the cold. Supporting one’s own demise. Not my idea of a great choice.”

Political season is extremely frustrating to me.  It reminds me how uneducated and apathetic human beings are.  Not to mention the endless droning lies the candidates throw out there.  I wouldn’t vote for most of them no matter what.


In another vein, it has been some of the hottest days of the year recently and not a turbine turning. No help on that “peak” energy need, and if you were using only wind, you’d have been sitting in a very hot, dark house for most of a week. That’s because in spite of what the wind lobby claims, the wind does not always blow. Well, maybe somewhere, but the logistics of providing 24/7 with a system like that is probably more complicated that space flight to another galaxy. Not something I would be my future and comfort on.  Next time a wind believer says the “wind is always blowing somewhere” consider this map from 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.55.50 PM

To produce useful wind energy, you have to be in the yellow area and over 15 to 20 mph. Also, there has to be enough wind to both cover the area currently served by the wind power, PLUS all those green areas.  As you can clearly see, we’re out of electricity over large portions of the country if we depend on the wind always blowing somewhere.



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