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Running ripshod over Wyoming

The Tribune today had a sob story article on housing shortages for installing the Warren Buffet Screw You Wyoming Wind Plant in what was a beautiful wildlife area in Shirley Basin.  Boo hoo.  The wind industry has no problem shafting people and taking whatever they want when they want it.  Wind people would have been wonderful cattle barrens and slave holders.  They don’t care at all about human beings, only money.

We have started warning hunters that Wyoming values Warren Buffet way more than hunters, so expect your hunting to deteriorate and go way up in cost.  Wind plants are far more important than antelope and mule deer, more important than hunters,  more important than people.  So, stay away from Wyoming for hunting.  The rich own it and you do NOT count for squat.  Do not waste your money.

Lastly, no matter what those lying political commercials say, Wyoming is LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL.  They do everything they can to destroy oil and gas—super computer, wind plants killing wildlife, no value for human beings.  If you’re looking for a conservative state, WYOMING IS NOT IT.  STAY AWAY.  RUN.  Try somewhere else.

For the election year, anyone who backs wind is a LIBERAL, period.  True conservatives and Republicans do not back scams that destroy the environment, make the rich richer and destablize the grid.  So, backing wind, LIBERAL.


bernie madoff


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