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Time to be brutally honest about wind “energy”

(sent as Letter to Editor)

Again, the topic of wind “energy” comes up. There are only four reasons to support wind (1) one cannot comprehend the situation, (2) willful ignorance, (3) political expediency and/or (4) monetary gain. Energy from weather is nothing but lie after lie. It’s not ecofriendly, it’s not “free, unlimited fuel”, it helps only to enrich the already rich, causes ecological damage in third world countries due to mining and refining the needed materials, and destroys birds and land areas.

The turbines save so little, if any, CO2 they couldn’t keep the temperature of the earth lower if we covered the planet with them. That, of course, would destroy millions of acres of wildlife habitats and human habitats , the steel, cement, etc would quickly deplete supplies for other things (wind is renewable, wind turbines are not) and still humanity would not have dependable energy. CO2 would be saved only because industries shut down. Why bother with the turbines–just mandate industries close and save us a lot of money.

People ask how those who don’t believe in catastrophic climate change are going to explain to their grandchildren how things work out. I want to know how those who robbed taxpayers, destroyed the environment and ran rip-shod over opposition are going to explain the disaster they have wrought upon their grandchildren. Dependable energy gave us our modern lifestyles. Take it away and poverty ensues. Gifting their grandchildren with energy from weather is wrong in so many ways. Demanding their grandchildren give up their future for worthless wind “energy” is cruel and immoral.

Next time you hear a wind “believer”, ask yourself which category that individual falls into.



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