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Can you hear me now?

“Hearing loss, nausea and headaches.” Due to sonic “attacks” in Cuba? Really? That is very, very, very similar to what is called Wind Turbine Syndrome. Yet Wiki and every green energy group labels it psychosomatic. So WHY are diplomats back in the USA and considered to have been injured from “sonic attacks”? No one in the USA considers such injuries to be legitimate when reported in conjunction with wind turbines. They hand out anti-anxiety medications and tell people they are just imagining the symptoms. What changed? Why suddenly worry about hearing loss, nausea and headaches and be so paranoid and crazy to call it due to a “sonic weapon”?

Iflscience! says “Alternatively, infrasound could be used. This low-frequency noise – again beyond the range of human hearing – causes fatigue, apathy, hearing loss, confusion, disorientation, and nausea, according to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).” This is exactly what WTS is described as.

In fairness, there is no verification of actual hearing loss due to WTS, though I don’t know how much testing has actually been done. People who live near where wind turbines are going in should have their hearing tested immediately, for a baseline.
(The “weapon” in Cuba may have had ultrasonic components that caused the hearing loss.)

People suffering from WTS may want to have additional tests for central nervous system damage and mild traumatic brain injury. Do not tell the physician you live near turbines before the test. It will affect the reading of the results. (Note: This is not a condemnation of people reading the results.  It is an acknowledgment of human limitations.  EVERYONE is affected by confirmation bias.  It’s the reason for double-blind testing in science.)

One serious problem with all of this is the lack of baseline information. Before turbines go in, moving near turbines, or becoming a diplomat to a foreign country, get baseline data. It helps with a scientific case when the possible cause is something the government or industry does not want it to be.

Casper Wind with deliberate photo angle

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