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Before my rant on Wyoming, I thought I should mention a very interesting irony.  In 1973, Denmark started throwing up turbines after losing their oil to the oil embargo.  Apparently, Denmark’s major source of electrical power generation was dependent on OPEC.  Now, over 50 years later, rumors are surfacing the Europe will be dependent on Russian natural gas for their heat and electricity.  Russia may be the only source they have.  Thing have come full circle and shown a bright light on the complete failure of wind plants to save Europe from having it’s energy source cut off by the single supplier.  What a huge waste of money and resources the useless renewables were.  Nothing changed….


Warning: Do not move to Wyoming if you love open spaces, hunting, hiking or care in the least about the environment. Wyoming’s elected officials—Matt Mead, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso among others—HATE those things and are doing everything in their power to destroy these things. These people do NOT care about Wyoming residents. They care about money and nothing else.

On the other hand, if you want a taste of the Old West, where the rich and powerful just ran rip-shod over anyone who got in their way, this may be the place for you (more persons to trample are needed). If you want money to be more important than human beings or wildlife, this is the state for you. If you loved Obama, this is the state for you. If you want to live under thousands of alters to Obama and Gore, cheer the killing raptors (if you hate eagles, Wyoming is the place for you), and want to participate in the re-enactment of the range and cattle wars of old (except using government officials and lawyers instead of paid gunmen) playing the LOSING side, Wyoming may be for you. If greed and lack of caring are the major drivers of your life, you probably can be elected here and make a six figure salary while your constituents lose their income. The leaders of Wyoming are working hard to cover the state in turbines and power lines. If you think wind power is the way to go, move here. Be sure to bring plenty of money—there won’t be any jobs for you. If that’s a problem, too bad.

If your children are being taught that the Gold Rush was immoral and resulted in extreme environmental damage, remind them that wind and solar are doing the exact same thing.  They should understand the cleanup they are in for in the future.  As for learning history so we don’t repeat it, we repeat it anyway.  Human beings are very, very slow learners.

If you’ve heard those ads for 35 acre land for sale, etc, be aware your neighbors will be 50 or 60 400 ft. spinning propellers. If not today, it will come. The only thing Wyoming  values is to build thousands of turbines to impress the Greens and enrich the wealthy out-of-state billionaires. If you love slaving away to support these activities, then being shafted later on, Wyoming is the place for you.

Welcome to Wyoming, sucker.

Casper Wind2DSCN2626DSCN2534


End today’s rant.


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