The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2

Not to be outdone by the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant (aka Chokecherry/Sierra Madre), a company out of Venezuela and backed by China is constructing The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2 (there are too many names for the tiny pieces of the wind plant used to get special treatment as a “small” electric provider to name here) in what used to be a wonderful place to hunt antelope.  But who needs antelope when you can build a shrine to the greatest environmentalist in history—he won the Nobel Prize, after all.  At one time, this was prime sage grouse territory, but after the feds stopped trying to list the birds, Wyoming feels free to destroy their home territories with impunity.  After all, what is more important?  Birds that do a stupid mating dance or wind plants to honor Obama?   I think we all know the answers to that.

The Legacy Wind Plant will produce 1875MW of energy when the wind blows.  Zero when it doesn’t.  Besides stopping hunting and displacing sage grouse, the turbines will provide a constant reminder of Wyoming’s commitment to stop the use of evil fossil fuels and move to wind and solar (I know, Wyoming says “all kind of energy, including energy from weather, but we all know that’s just to placate oil and coal until they’ve been run out of the state.  Seriously, no one builds these kinds of alters to an environmentalist and really intends to keep pulling those evil fossil fuels out of the ground.) as people drive from Casper to Laramie to sports events.  A turbine jungle that goes on for miles and miles, instead of that useless open space.  Forget the sagebrush sea, wildlife, open spaces, all that nonsense.  It’s all about Barack.

Even more generous, Wyoming is doing all this knowing the proceeds from the wind energy will go out of state or out of the country.  Wyoming gets a boost from its attempt to apologize for electing Trump (a major faux pas—although Wyoming’s senators made sure that wouldn’t change Wyoming’s love for Obama and his policies by extending the PTC till 2020) and looks ecofriendly.  California gets the electricity, thus aiding in Gov. Brown overcoming the taint of Trump and allowing Gov. Brown to show the world how truly ecofriendly the US is.  Wyoming gladly destroys its open spaces and wildlife to honor such a wonderful human being.

Wyoming—apologizing daily for voting in Trump and building permanent alters to the gods of environmentalism.  You just can’t get more liberal and Democrat than that.



More current Wyoming alters to Obama

2 comments on “The Barack Obama Legacy Wind Plant 2

  1. That’s good to hear, wolsten. At least some places are coming to their senses.

  2. You have my sympathies. We were lucky enough (after a lot of hard work by many people) to have a major extension to our local wind farm rejected by the secretary of state following a public enquiry. Impact on wildlife was not a factor despite the existing one dramatically reducing our local bird population. In the end it was the impact on views that swung it for us. The planning balance is now in weighted favour of community opinion for onshore turbines and coupled with removal of subsidies, this should see an end to large scale onshore development in the UK. Fingers crossed.

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