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Living in a fantasy world

It’s Friday, the last day of June.  The uninformed who comment that wind turbines on the plains make sense because the wind blows all the time have been shown to be wrong much of the month. Yesterday, the wind blew above 8 miles per hour for less than 6 hours. Seventy-five percent of the day, there was no energy from weather being produced. None. This morning, it is a roaring 3 mph. It has not risen over 8 mph and we are one-quarter of the way through the day. Where is “blows all the time”? It’s in the same category as energy from weather—a complete myth, a fabrication of an uneducated mind. People believe things because they like the idea, because the one time they visited a place it was windy so it must be all the time, etc. Such behavior allows pseudoscience and myth to flourish. It also endangers human life. Imagine if people in large numbers started to believe gravity wasn’t real. Worse still, if they refused to believe the evidence that walking off the top of a high building was fatal. They would believe, instead, that the person did not die and was whisked away to keep anyone from finding out gravity no longer worked. At one time, that was called “psychosis”, a disconnect from reality. Today, in many cases, it’s called the PC belief and there are consequences for not subscribing to it. I still hold out hope that requiring homes to run off a wind turbine with no storage or backup would enlighten people, but the will to deny reality is strong. There are days I suspect people would simply lie about having electricity when they needed it, rather than admit their fantasy about energy from weather was wrong.

Another belief is the grid is not destabilized by wind energy. The wind went from 4 mph to 35 mph and down to 4 mph again twice on June 28th. It did the same thing yesterday, but only once and the wind was somewhat below 30 mph. Output went from zero to max and down in two hours or less. In the real world, we’d call that a killer spike, one that takes out the surge protector, then whatever was supposed to be protected. In the real world, this would result in equipment damage, equipment burnout, and other negative consequences. In the world of energy from weather, it’s nothing more than a tiny blimp in the current. There is a huge disconnect between reality and the beliefs about wind energy.

How does one fight a delusion? How does one teach people that those who eagerly lie and mislead for their own profit are not the saviors of the world? Perhaps it’s not too late. Australia was somewhat shaken when they lost all power in a high wind event. The usual suspects screamed it was not wind’s fault, but the belief in that statement seemed sparse. Over time, the memory will probably fade and the fantasy may once again be sold to the public.

I often hear how we must “save the planet for our children” and they will blame us when CO2 destroys the place. I suspect our grandchildren or greatgrandchildren will never know there were lights, or plumbing, or anything other than dire poverty and war, not because of global warming, but rather the greed and stupidity of people who bought the fairy tale of energy from weather.  That will be “storms” Hansen’s grandchildren inherit. Energy poverty created from a belief in fantasy.

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The Coming Storms


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