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Forget Trump saving us

Those of you celebrating Trump’s victory and his pulling us out of the Paris Accord can forget celebrating any fewer turbines going up—in fact, expect more and more.  There has been a significant increase in installations.  Why?  Because the people elected by the states are determined to destroy this country for their own edification and cash.  The rich get richer and so do those who vote in tax credits and subsidies.

Make no mistake—this will reach the disaster level that gold mining, deforestation, etc did in the past.  Your children, courtesy of their parents voting and apathy, will have less stable energy, extremely expensive energy and all to make billionaires richer.  People demonize oil, yet many of the billionaires in this GOT RICH FROM OIL.  Suddenly, the demon oil guy is the new hero?  People are just flat-out stupid.  I cannot emphasize enough what gross stupidity is doing to this country.  No wonder there’s an email a day on “free energy”.  I bet they make millions.  It is terrifying that in an “advanced” country like the USA, “perpetual motion machines” are sanctioned by the government and advertised as saving the planet.  The only things these PMM’s do is make people rich and those who buy into the scheme poorer.  Our education system must be one of the worst in the world.  Science is dead, superstition and wizardry rule.

Next time someone tells you how great wind energy is, remind them the wind energy sector is exactly like oil or any gold rush industry—destructive, greedy and environmentally damaging.  The fact that someone supports wind energy merely tells you they hate the environment and love billionaires pillaging the environment for more wealth.  That’s an evil position, pure and simple.

Perhaps it’s best if you start now telling your children what evil was rained upon them by the greed of the wind industry and the hatred of people by environmentalists.  Maybe they can plan ahead and learn to grow their own food, live with candlelight and realize the pollution and death associated with “clean energy” was nothing but a “get-rich-quick” scheme sanctioned by the people their parents elected.  Perhaps then they won’t be quite so miserable.  They may even forgive you.  Maybe.


The Gold Rush of the 21st century—greedy, damaging and decades to clean up

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