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On the Bright Side

I wrote about the sellout of Wyoming on the new 1000 turbine wind plant.  On somber reflection, I may have misunderstood the entire thing.


Announcing the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Farm                                                     (formerly known as the Sierra Madre-Chokecherry wind plant)

Wyoming, showing it’s undying love for Barack Obama, has opted to erect an eternal legacy for Obama, the Barack Obama Legacy Wind Farm.

While the despicable Trump may be attempting to dismantle the legacy of Obama, Wyoming is erecting 1000 white towers of love for Obama.  Wyoming is recognizing the Obama was the hero of the climate crisis and acknowledging that oil and coal are wrong and must go.  It is expected that in 2020, Democrats will pose with this tribute while campaigning for president.  What better proof of the correctness of global warming and the need to “leave it in the ground” than the Obama Legacy Wind Farm in a former fossil fuel state?  Perhaps there will even be tours and celebrations held there.

Wyoming is leading the nation in proclaiming the wrongness of fossil fuel usage with its homage to Barack Obama.  Trump may be not participate in the Paris Accord, but this everlasting tribute to Obama and global warming will last well beyond the Trump administration and its narrow views.  The beautiful, tall towers will sing their praises for the man who is saving us from certain death by using fossil fuels.  Liberals should give thanks for the caring and love Wyoming gives to Obama and his legacy.

More to follow.


Wyoming’s tributes Barack Obama

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