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Prostitution at its best

The Chokecherry-Sierra Madre Make a Billionaire Richer in another state Bird Killing Energy from Weather installation has begun.  This is my reaction:

Congratulations, Wyoming, you have once again prostituted yourself out to Colorado and California hoping someone will be impressed by the installation of landscape-destroying, bird killing, useless except for tax breaks for a billionaire in Colorado, energy from weather plant near I-80. You’ve proven you can be as greedy and liberal as any blue state out there. It was obviously a fluke that Trump was elected here. Of course, the RINO delegation supported this all the way. They are only interested in how much tax money they can bring home to Wyoming, home of the government dependents. It must be embarrassing to anyone who moved here thinking Wyoming was full of sturdy Western types to find nothing but greedy, subsidy-drinking blue state wannabes. I am embarrassed to say the state I live in would destroy every blade of grass, buy every scam and proudly parade their gullibility and insecurity out as if it were something to be proud of for a morsel of recognition by the mainstream media. Congrats, Wyoming, you are one step closer to Colorado, California and a complete and utter sell-out. Wyoming, forever the sell-out loser.


The state I live in is a highly revolting sell-out, desperate to be popular.  If you intended to visit the state because it represents the “West and Independence”, cancel the trip.  Wyoming will do ANYTHING to be liked.  It’s pathetic.  So, eagles die and landscapes are destroyed in order to get 15 minutes of fame.  Anyone remember how they built that super computer to crank out inaccurate models of future climate here?  Didn’t think so.  Cost the state millions to be known for 15 minutes and then forgotten.

One of the biggest problems with wind is the LOOK AT ME, I’M SO PC ego problem.  Why Wyoming voted for Trump I do not know.  They would sign the Paris Accord immediately and shut down their coal if they were threatened with being called an outsider.  What one does with weak, pathetic elected officials (they are NOT leaders), I don’t know.  You can’t vote them out because there are enough fools who still believe in Santa Claus to elect the liars if they can bring home more tax money.  I pity the next generation……

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