Wind Myths

This is a letter I sent to my local paper.

Wind myths
“We should use all forms of energy.” Burning buffalo chips is a form of energy—a renewable one at that. Can we look forward to a new line of buffalo chip stoves?
Wyoming is claimed to not like regulations, but this is blatantly false. The newspaper and media are all for regulations that get them what they want. The RPS is one example. Wyoming loves this rule because a billionaire from Colorado will despoil the Wyoming landscape with a thousand eagle killing turbines because of regulations in California and federal land usage rules. I have heard no objection to California’s regulations because they get Wyoming what it wants—a couple of bucks out of billion dollar project and virtue signaling, along with dead eagles, loss of open space and destroyed vistas to please people that don’t live in this state.
Wind claims it is cost effective, yet continues to demand tax breaks and Renewable Portfolio Standards. The bill currently introduced in Wyoming to require the use of oil and gas is virtually the same thing as an RPS except for requiring the use of things other than solar and wind. Seems fair, does it not? If a state can force the use of renewables, why not fossil fuels?
In reality, wind is nothing more than “energy trapping”. It’s a throwback to the 19th century. Sure, it’s dressed up in pure white towers and marketed intensely by the companies that profit from it and those who buy the “free energy angle” (That free energy is a popular e-mail scam topic is worth noting.) The only thing wind does is kill eagles, raise prices, damage numerous ecosystems and help keep people in the dark. There’s nothing to recommend it unless you love paying more for power, believe 400 ft towers on the prairie are “agricultural”, and/or are very poor at math and science. If so, there’s this bridge for sale……


Turbines and pumpjack

At least one useful activity is going on here.

(Picture was not included with letter to editor.)


2 comments on “Wind Myths

  1. I wanted to clarify my writing about “In reality, wind is nothing more than “energy trapping”. It’s a throwback to the 19th century.”

    I was referring to actual use of turbines for the generation of electricity. I am reproducing this comment on my blog for further clarification.

    Windmills go way back, yes. They are still used for water pumping on the prairies, a use for which they are quite suitable.

  2. […] – Why Not Wind – Wind Myths – An open letter to the editor has multiple explanations of why wind power is a failure. […]

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