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No support for wind

In Wyoming, Senate File 71 is calling for Wyoming to purchase power from only one of six sources—and wind and solar are not on the list except for individual usage.

By 2018, 95% of energy must come from approved sources, 100% by 2019. If they did not, a $10/megawatt hour penalty would be applied.

Sponsors are:
Senators: Larry Hicks, Ogden Driskill

Tyler Lindholm, Scott Clem, Mark Baker, Jim Blackburn, Roy Edwards, and David Miller

The article is not really clear on who the sponsors are. It states six, then lists two senators and five representatives. Contacting any one to express support would be great.

This morning on a local radio station, the DJ’s were discussing “why not use all our energy resources”? This shows a profound lack of understanding of energy. Both a supernova and a solar flare have energy, as does running water, a battery (chemical reaction) and flowing water. Yet to argue that these forms of energy are “just energy” is foolish. A turbine in a gas power plant is not equal to a battery-powered turbine. Burning coal is not equal to nuclear fission. All energy is NOT equal. Only the very unscientific make comments like that.

In addition, people cannot be talked into buying a $100,000 car that runs only when the wind blows and only runs at a speed proportional to the wind (even if we give them a bicycle for backup). Yet they are in favor of BILLIONS of dollars for bird-killing, subsidy-sucking turbines. A clear case of double-think, or just “wanting to believe”.

Our local paper decried the bill as anti-Wyoming because Wyoming doesn’t like regulations. Seriously? Another clueless group opens their mouths. The ONLY reason wind exists is government regulations (state and federal) and government handouts. Wyoming LOVES handouts, it seems (no matter how much they deny it). The money goes to power companies and billionaires, but Wyoming is happy to destroy whatever it takes—ranches, scenery, people lives—to get a dime from a billionaire. It’s sad and pathetic. I am often embarrassed by the people in the state where I live—they don’t care about science, corporate cronyism or ethics as long as they are paid any pittance to look the other way.

(Link—- http://trib.com/business/energy/bill-would-penalize-utilities-for-wind-generated-electricity-for-wyoming/article_fa25328e-aa4b-561f-9955-0995b9118e23.html)


Other notes:
The monument to greed, Chokecherry-Sierra Madre Wind Ripoff, has received permission to slaughter eagles. It seems eagles are worthless fluff if they get in the way of billionaires. I suppose your grandchildren will understand that the really rich guy who wanted more government handouts at any cost killed the eagles so he could increase his wealth. Greed is as good an explanation for why people care only about themselves.  Children will understand that the government aided and abetted the killing because it was in the government’s interest. Just put up a photo of an eagle and caption it “Died to make the rich richer”. Your grandkids will certainly understand. Besides, who really needs eagles? We can get a new symbol of the country.  Another new one when someone need the previous ones dead to make a profit without contributing to anyone but themselves.  Maybe we should just switch to a pile of dollars with the gift tag “from the government” and be done with it.

On the other hand, if eagles are disposable, maybe we can get California to stop saving the smelt and start saving people, if there’s enough graft and corruption in the proposal.  It could work…….


Eagle graveyard

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