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Power from Weather

It has happened. A massive blackout in South Australia, home of the “we are so proud of our renewable energy” state. Reports have claimed it was a “50 year” storm. For the weather illiterate, “50 year” storm does not mean a storm that occurs once every 50 years. It means that based on historical records, the conditions that produce the storm occur once every 50 years on average. The storms can occur three years in a row. (Think of Hillary Clinton winning 6 coin tosses in a row.) A similar storm can occur next week. The “50 year” designation is not a law of weather or even a postulated rule—it’s a statistical value based on past occurrences that has no predictive value. Some media reports appear to be warning that exactly this can happen and “probably will” (as in there’s a chance and let’s play it for all we’re worth to instill fear—of the turbines and renewable energy? Wait, that’s not it…..).

“It’s extremely rare to see a low of this much pressure and intensity,” he said. “It’s fair to say it’s going to get extremely nasty again.” (BoM senior meteorologist Craig Burke)
So it’s extremely rare but he can make accurate, certain predictions based on this? Global warming has made so-called scientists just like the man on the corner with the “The End is Near” sign, except with a claim that in their case said behaviour is perfectly rational and to be believed.

It is claimed this was a weather event, not a renewable energy event. Renewable energy is powered by weather. Any weather event is a renewable energy event—100%. Nothing but weather turns those turbines and energizes the solar panels. It’s bad enough that people do not understand how poor an energy source so-called renewables are, they don’t understand that this is energy powered by weather. Weather. Remember that next time a “professional” tells you otherwise. (For those who question this, where do you go to find out if it’s forecast to be sunny and windy—the weather report? Yeah…)

Another surprise to many is turbines have to be shut off in high wind. We can’t build a 400 ft spinning tower whose mechanical and electrical components won’t disintegrate at very high speeds. Winds of 80 mph have every turbine in the area shut down. Most have cut-out speeds of around 40 mph to 60 mph. Early turbines had to be turned back on manually. Newer ones reportedly do not. The manufacturers are working on improving the cut out/cut in problem. It is not clear if such a fix will work well, nor if it can be retrofitted. If not, billions of tons of materials will be needed to replace current turbines. That would not be very environmentally friendly. Note: Even if the cut in/cut out is made sufficiently smooth to not disrupt the grid, the power is still out in high wind.

This should be a wake-up call to those who believe in the fairy tale of renewable energy. Powering your country using weather and then claiming it’s weather which is the problem, not the renewable energy, must be a textbook definition of insanity. Not to mention a recipe for plunging into the darkness.

(h/t Greenie Watch)



One comment on “Power from Weather

  1. Reblogged this on Wolsten and commented:
    It’s hard to argue that adverse weather is a not problem for weather dependent energy sources. Just hope the UK learns from this.

    Interesting how the BBC described it as unprecedented – surely their favourite word is misplaced given this has happened before?


    I am guessing by now that most environmental correspondents “E” key will be completely warn out.

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