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Mass extinctions? Maybe due to environmentalist’s policies.

There has been much talk about “climate refugees’ due to alleged climate change such as sea level rise. There are threats of extinction of species and even huge stretches to make climate change the “reason” for extinctions of certain rodents. There is virtually no talk about refugees and extinctions due to environmentalists.

What refugees, you ask? First, there are the victims of wind turbines and greedy neighbors and landowners who care nothing about anyone but themselves and making money. People who could no longer live in a place with nightly strobe effects, low-level vibration day and night, huge towers that can burn or come apart. (1) No one cares that these people lost their homes and are now environmental refugees. Yet, they are just as much refugees as any coastal dweller whose island is supposedly disappearing due to sea level rise. Driven out by the uncaring, greedy merchants of faux concern for the earth.

Next, the birds forced to either move or risk death by the spinning blades of the money producing wind turbines. One supposes if the turbines actually did produce useful energy, the deaths might be acceptable. Yet these bird deaths were not acceptable when it was fossil fuel generated power, so what has changed? The greedy, uncaring merchants of faux concern are now the ones making huge amounts of money. You see, it’s not about the money per se, it’s about who is making the money. Slaughtering birds was bad when Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring. It was ethical and moral to outlaw DDT and subject millions of Africans to death by malaria because DDT was an evil, unnatural product that caused bird eggs to thin. Birds outranked people by far. Now, the money is on the “green side” so it’s fine to slaughter thousands and thousands of birds a year with the spinning towers of death. It’s still about greed and government welfare, but this time the greens are getting the money, so it’s fine.

The same ignoring of bird deaths is true of thermal solar such as Ivanpah, where birds are literally fried to a crisp, unless they are lucky enough to only end up with singed wings. Worse yet, the project has failed to produce the expected power. Of course, the owners say they just need more time to adjust the equipment and decide the most efficient way to run the place. Considering 1.5 billion dollars went into this, one would have thought it was ready to go, not a massive expensive beta test.

It is possible that the second extinction “due to climate change” will be birds and bats killed by environmentalists. It would be different if the turbines provided 24/7 electricity and were our only option. They don’t and they aren’t. Solar has the same short-comings as wind. Turbines do nothing but create a lie that we are saving the environment. There is no way possible to supply the needs of America with turbines. Where I live, the turbines for the past three to four months have had a capacity factor of less than 10%, possibly less than 5%. The “always there” wind is not there—day after day, month after month. There’s no switch to turn it back on. So the towers stand idle, a testament to the insanity of the environmental movement. At least it slows the eventual extinction of the birds that merely 60 years ago were worth having millions of humans die to save.

(1) Ivanpah information from the March 16, 2016 Wall Street Journal



The turbine jungle

Speed Star 1.1532354  00

A dangerous hunting ground

Speed Star 1.1464381  00

Dark and dangerous




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