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Fire around turbines, Turbine parts

There was a prairie fire last fall that burned all around the turbines north of Casper.  Pictures:


This was a fast moving grass fire that started at the municipal landfill and spread due to 50 mph winds.  No one will admit guilt, and most of the county residents are angry with the whole mess.  The fire burned down 12 houses.  There was a “Thanks Landfill” sign up for quite some time.  Current claims are being processed.  I don’t know if the turbines were damaged or not—I don’t think so.


Environmentally friendly?

A new storage area was put in at the Natrona County airport for wind turbine parts.  It reportedly took 22 million tons of rock to create a base on which to store the parts, due, of course, to their size and weight.  I have trouble imagining 22 million tons of rock as being environmentally friendly—I can only imagine the pit left when the rock was removed.  The story was in Wyoming Business Report, where it said the turbines need wind velocities of 7 to 40 mph any of which generates the same amount of electricity.  It seems the writer is not aware of Betz’s Law.  Not good.

As of late, we have had very high winds and the turbines have cut out repeatedly.  So much for the “wonderful Wyoming wind”.  All it does is shut down the machines.

The only up side is the article said the company is being charged $1500 per month with some increases over what may be a five year term.

Here are some pictures of the facility:



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