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It’s a New Year

Seems I have been neglecting this blog as of late.  Perhaps it’s because wind energy has slowed to a near halt in my state.  Yes, the billionaire from Colorado continues to try and destroy the prairie in southern Wyoming by installing 1000 bird-chomping, bat killing eco-crucifixes* along I-80, but the reluctance of California to buy wind energy out of state (not to mention their on-going drought and declining economy) plus the complexity of putting a huge, environmentally unfriendly power line across multiple states has stalled the project.  Now that Speaker of the House Judas has sold out the country and reinstated the damaging, line-the-pockets of Democrats and welfare lovers everywhere PTC, there may be a renewed interest in the project.  After all, who can say no to stealing millions from the populace to increase the billions you already have?

A couple of days ago in the paper there was an interesting article on wind energy.  To the credit of the person being  interviewed, thus far he was resisting the six-figure welfare payments from the wind energy for turbine space rental, but he said he “believed in wind energy”.  This struck me as very peculiar.  After all, people “believe in UFO’s” and people “believe in ghosts” and people believe in energy sources the government is hiding from us, natural cures which the hawkers thereof insist the pharmaceutical companies are suppressing and 200 mpg carburetors.  Belief does not equal reality.  Believing in wind energy in no way makes it viable or useful or even desirable.  Yet somehow, this is used as a justification for destroying the environment, increasing energy costs and many other negative outcomes.  If someone said “I believe in ghosts and I want a federal subsidy for housing to be built for these ghosts”, one hopes this would be laughed out of existence.  Yet, “I believe in wind energy” nets huge grants and tax breaks for virtually no return on investment.  The turbines might as well be housing for ghosts.  I don’t know.  Maybe they are and someone was clever enough to ask for the turbines instead of ghost housing……They certainly aren’t saving the planet nor are they providing any useful energy.  Yet, people “believe”.

There is also the problem of why wildlife should be saved.  We were always told the ESA and so forth were to save the animals.  So in California, water goes to fish while humans are starved out of farming.  The long suspected, now proven, idea that the ESA was anti-human, anti-industry is true.  In addition, the wind energy is given a free pass on killing virtually all creatures, as is solar.  In what can only be considered complete insanity, companies like Duke Energy can get passes on killing eagles with a turbine, but fines for such a death at a conventional power plant.  Translation:  “We are not opposed to killing and extinction of animals if it falls in with our political agenda.”  When politics enters, all sanity and science vanishes.  There exists no protection for any animal that stands in the way of the rabid environmentalists.


*thank you James Delingpole for the term




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