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Odds and Ends

On the wind turbine noise front:


Senator David Leyonhjelm wants government to monitor wind turbine noise
It seems the only thing colourful crossbench senator David Leyonhjelm hates more than red tape is wind farming.
Despite typically being a fierce opponent of new government regulation, the Liberal Democrat is calling on the government to set up a new regulator to monitor noise levels near wind turbines.
He claims a Senate inquiry he set up has uncovered “credible evidence” that some people are suffering health concerns caused by low frequency noise and vibrations known as infrasound.   (Click on link for more.)

Wind farm effect on balance ‘akin to seasickness’: scientist
• JUNE 12, 2015 9:21AM
  Medical faculty associate profes­sor of neuroscience Simon Carlile said it was time to properly examine the effects of low-frequency wavelengths and recognise that, like seasickness, they don’t affect everybody.  (Click on link for more.)

It is most interesting to me that researchers are now realizing that some people may be affected and not others.  This makes it much more difficult for the wind industry to say that if not everyone is affected, it’s not real.



At first this looked a bit odd.  The original story came from UFO digest.  (http://ufodigest.com/article/wind-farms-may-be-responsible-mass-honeybee-disappearance)

I’m not sure if there’s any real research on this or it’s just based on correlation, which does not necessarily mean causality.  In searching, I found three interesting research studies being conducted by the University of Wyoming concerning insects and wind turbines.  The links are below.




(Thank you to Ron S. for alerting me to the above articles.)

From various sources:


If only Americans stood up like this.  Environmentalists use this technique, when they’re not advocating killing birds and bats with useless wind turbines.  We need the voices of those who see through the hype to protest the waste and environmental destruction.  Here it is more difficult to get news coverage.  The media is only interested in the hype, not the truth.

Meanwhile, a new analysis recently released by American Bird Conservancy based on federal data found that more than 30,000 turbines have been installed in areas critical to the survival of federally protected birds — with an additional 50,000 turbines planned for construction in similar areas.

Me:  All I think of here is “Silent Spring”.  We couldn’t kill bugs and feed people, but we can build monstrosities that kill birds and bats while desecrating the landscape.  How in any rational person’s mind can computer projections be more real and more important than actual birds?  I suppose the same people that wanted to save the birds and starve people?  It seems that what they “value” is a moving target.

Update:  From the Daily Mail–

Residents to be given onshore wind farm veto: Tories vow to ‘halt the spread’ of turbines by preventing them being ‘imposed on communities without consultation’
Councils in consultation with residents will have final say over windmills
3,000 are currently awaiting consent and could be affected by new rules
Local Government Secretary says communities ‘should be free to decide’
Trade body Renewable UK expresses concerns about new regulations
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3128924/Conservatives-vow-halt-spread-wind-farms-countryside.html#ixzz3dQK9cd1R


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