Wind shows it’s lack of credibility

I learned today that I am not only a “denier” I am a “clean energy hater”. Seriously, the wind industry has nothing to offer now except name-calling? I realize that’s actually true, I’m just surprised to see them so blantantly admitting they can’t sell their product, so they sell hatred instead. Very, very sad.

I suppose I could point out that wind and solar are anything but clean–mining, manufacture, radioactive waste disposal, landscape destruction, bird and bad killing all seem to be less than “clean” energy. Perhaps wind’s definition of “clean” is not what the rest of the world uses? One more like they accuse fossil fuels of using—whatever makes the sellers of “clean” energy money. Maybe it’s not about saving the planet or clean energy at all. The new “hater” term certainly says so.

In reality, I don’t hate clean energy. I just haven’t seen any such thing in the real world.


2 comments on “Wind shows it’s lack of credibility

  1. I DO live near a coal plant.

    I also live near two wind turbine plants. I despise the waste of the wind turbines. Dead birds, people lost their homes, all to watch the turbines sit there and NOT produce. The coal plant is making electricity as I type. The turbines may or may not be.

    Renewable is defined as wind and solar in the United States. Hydro and geothermal are NOT counted because they do not get subsidies. Only energy that taxpayer money is dumped into is counted as “renewable”. I wonder why…..

    As you well know since you commented on my other blog, I do NOT believe in the fight against the fossil fuel industry and capitalism. (There is no fight against global warming—you can’t fight a statistical concept.)

  2. The clean energy sector does not mean only wind or solar energy.
    If you don’t like a solar panel that produces free energy maybe you want to live close to a coal burning plant.
    Then I want to see what you will say.
    In the meanwhile, if you are against the renewable energy sources you can start learning a few tips on how to stop climate change
    (political links are NOT allowed)
    and this way you will bring your tribute to the general fight against global warming.

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