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That fixes MY problem, who cares about yours?

Today I received an email concerning the “victory” in wind plants that declared the turbines a health hazard. Spread the news far and wide. Duke Energy is being stopped—except Duke Energy is not being stopped and wind plants aren’t either. One plant is being stopped as a health hazard. This may work for populated areas, but that just means the turbines will go up in say, Wyoming, Montana, Utah. All over BLM land where no one lives so there is no health hazard. The 1000 turbine ecodisaster in the making by I80 isn’t affected.

I have always emphasized the need to fight turbines because they are ineffective. Currently, there is no way to make them effective. In reality, there probably never will be. That’s the reason we switched to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels create reliable energy. Without reliable energy, people live poorer lives. The turbines may actually produce more CO2 than fossil fuels after you sum the amount of energy used to create and maintain them. This is why we need to stop turbines. Any other argument just leads to the turbines being moved to the point of least resistance and dumped there.

One comment on “That fixes MY problem, who cares about yours?

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