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Clearly in the dark on how wind and solar work

Saw this today on the Greenie Watch blog:


This is the only footage showing the failure of the inflatable coal plant.  Is anyone surprised?

On other reports, the increase in rates was reported.  One had the monthly fee going from $10.50 to $15.  I’ll trade with them any day.  My monthly fee is $20 on the first meter, $25 on the second.  When we wired our garage, we put in a second meter.  Thirty years ago, that was the economical way to go.  Our garage is a long ways from our house.  Now, my minimum bill would be $45, plus various fees.  That’s before I switch on a light.  My bills run $150 to $200 per month right now.  I don’t live in a mansion, trust me.

Also, there was some talk about those who use less not wanting to pay for the grid as much as those who use more.  Okay, there is a fundamental lack of knowledge about how things work here.  It doesn’t matter if you use 100 kw or 10,000, it takes the same amount of wire and poles and maintenance to get grid electricity to your house.  Your usage does not matter.  Same thing happened when people bought cars with higher mileage. There was a loss of revenue for highway funds, since fuel taxes are a major source of funding.  High mileage cars were still using the highways, sometimes more than before, because the owners could afford to drive more.  Yet people were angry when fuel taxes were raised and other revenue generating sources tapped.  Additionally, if Michigan were to go to renewables, the bills would increase dramatically.  Wind and solar are extremely expensive and use the same grid no one wants to actually pay for, just use for free.

There is a very easy solution for these people:  DISCONNECT from the grid and use wind and solar on your house.  Show the power company you don’t need that nasty expensive grid or coal power.  Show the world you really are not going to use that evil coal-fired power.  Have the courage of your convictions.  Otherwise, we do not care what you have to say.


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