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Wind–attempting to return to the past

This article appeared on Moms Against Wind Turbines blog:


Later that day, on the news, the University of Wyoming was positively giddy about collaborating with Denmark on wind tech.  There is a SUPER computer at the University of Wyoming so modeling will be the absolute state of the art.

A SUPER computer can process water speed, paddle wheel speed, torque, volume per hour output, etc, but it cannot make an 18th center water wheel driven grist mill turn out enough flour or corn meal to supply a supermarket.  Only a modern factory can do that.

A computer can take tension, length, string strength measurements and create a compound bow which outperforms a long bow.  More measurements and one can improve to the crossbow level.  However, no amount of calculating can produce a bow that can match the range and power of a scoped deer rifle.

All of the models and measurements cannot turn an intermittent, weak power source into a 24/7 useful power source.

A computer–even a SUPER one–cannot change a frog into a prince. .

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