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Save the planet for FREE

It’s the “dog days of summer”–in the 90’s here.  Electricity usage is at a high.  And not a turbine is turning.  Not one.  The wind has rarely exceeded 5 mph in this heat.  Is this a problem?  Well, no, because electricity is “magic” and your air conditioner works even when the million dollar wind energy doesn’t.

In all honesty, the thing that would end wind energy the fastest is to take one section of a town off-grid and tie them only into the wind towers.  On that hot July afternoon, as these people sit sweltering in their homes, the uselessness of the wind industry would be apparent.  Any volunteers from AWEA to”prove” the value of wind??

I checked again and statistics still say less than 5% of US energy comes from wind, in spite of Billions (with aB) poured into the industry and in spite of renewable mandates (it seems one cannot mandate physics to work the way one wants–who would guessed?).  If that 5% is such a huge deal and contributes so very much to the planet’s health, we could save Billions and just mandate everyone cut their energy usage by 5%.  After all, the power company tells us constantly how to save money and energy.  This should be a simple, painless task.  So here’s a new campaign to replace the wasted effort on part-time energy from renewables (which are neither renewable nor infinite) and it costs NOTHING:

“Cut 5% for the planet”

Forget renewable energy and all that wasted money, unsightly towers, environmental damage, ground covered in acres of glass and steel.  Just cut 5% from your power usage and save the planet without any need for manufacturing, transport, installation and maintenance.  It’s easy, painless and for the good of everyone.  Contact your local power company today.

Prizes given for those who can save the most electricity.*

*We will need sponsors for this.  Maybe Home Depot can stop robbing Costa Rican farmers of their land and donate some hand tools or a nice patio set.  All companies want to look “green”.  Donations should be very, very easy to get because these companies are so environmentally friendly, right?

Any volunteers out there to get this started?

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