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Save an eagle


This is a link to a letter to the editor of an Elko newspaper telling everyone how benign wind energy is.  “Only 200,000 birds” whacked annually by turbines.  No fines either.  Just fine the evil oil companies.  It’s their fault.  If they hadn’t put all that nasty CO2 in the air we wouldn’t need to be building wind turbines that really don’t work but look like we care.  Since we care, we can kill birds.

This is the “logic” of the wind industry.  They can kill all the birds they need to.  It’s for the planet.  I have yet to see the wind industry step in and object to the fines levied against oil or complain that it’s not really fair the wind industry gets a free pass at killing raptors and other birds.  The wind industry is not asking the oil companies not be fined nor are they asking that wind be fined.  Fairness does not enter in any way.

Honestly, they care nothing about the birds.  They do care what you think about turbines whacking birds, so they try and argue only a few raptors meet a horrible death for part-time energy generation that uses massive natural resources and provides very little energy.  Maybe that argument works.  It’s probably not that hard to argue that killing birds is okay if it saves the planet.  It would sound much worse if one said “It’s okay to kill birds so we, the wind industry, can continue to lap up subsidies and keep our really high-paying jobs”.   They care nothing about birds.  They care about money.

Wind is NOT benign.  It takes thousands of acres of land, billions of tones of mining and refining, billions of gallons of fossil fuel for building and transporting, and the use of toxic materials and dealing with radioactive materials to manufacture.  The turbines MAY last 20 years, though that number is questionable.  Plus, if we start making 5 MW land turbines, there is the push to replace the 2.5 MW turbines with bigger ones.  More energy produced.  More mining, more manufacturing, more deconstruction, more construction.  There is nothing “benign” about wind energy.  It’s a huge tax on resources and yields virtually no CO2 savings.

Save the birds by opposing wind energy.  The eagles will thank you.


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