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A Brief Review of Wind Power

  1. Wind power benefits multimillion dollar corporations, many of them oil companies. By supporting wind, one allows tax breaks for oil companies. All the while complaining about tax breaks for Big Oil. The hypocrisy seems to go unnoticed.

  2. People invest in wind not to save the planet but to MAKE MONEY. If tomorrow wind became a liability, all would drop it and invest in coal, NG or whatever made them money. Al Gore confirmed this beyond a shadow of a doubt selling his TV station to middle east oil.

  3. Wind in NOT renewable. The term is deliberately deceptive. First, the only way to use wind is to build huge “traps” with spinning blades. Millions and millions of tons of mining and refining is involved, plus manufacturing, shipping and building. The lifespan of the turbines was predicted to be 20 years, but 5 to 10 seems closer in many cases. Wind is not renewable. We cannot make more wind, we can only wait until nature decides to make the wind blow. There will always be wind but how much and where changes. Wind is “renewable” in the same way game and wild berries are. People survived for centuries wandering about snaring rabbits and picking berries. The bunnies and the berries always came back. The rate at which they came back depended on the amount harvested. If there were too many people, some people would starve unless they moved to a different area. “Renewable” wind is the same. People can use wind when it blows but will sit in the dark and cold when it does not. We are going backward.

  4. The choice between food and fuel dilemma grows larger. The British are reportedly already “fuel poor”. How long will people used to food, fuel and other necessity being within their reach tolerate choosing between heat and food? Wind and solar are extremely expensive. They provide only part-time electricity and stress the grid. Already people in Europe are clear cutting forests to heat their homes. Imagine the environmental damage from clear cutting forests everywhere so people can stay warm when the wind doesn’t blow. This is not saving the planet.

  5. Wind “farms” (a name meant to mislead—there is nothing similar to a farm involved in industrial wind plants. Turbines do not grow from seeds and turbines don’t grow wind.) are often said to have a small footprint and farming can go on around them. Yes, but this true of virtually EVERY form of energy generation and of subdivisions. There is open space all around power plants, around houses in subdivisions, etc. With homes and conventional power plants, you can choose what areas you want them in. With turbines, they go where the wind blows. Even if that means cutting hundreds of trees on mountaintops to put them in. Even if that means endangering sage grouse to put them in. Turbines cannot be put in cities unless they are small, personal turbines. Industrial turbines are noisy, cause vibration and can throw ice. That means more limitations on where these can be put. Oil and gas can be drilled in and around homes and towns. Once the drilling is over, a pump-jack goes in and is very quiet. Photos of oil fields used to dissuade people concerning oil are often on BLM land where no one lives. The area looks barren because the government owns it, not because of oil and gas.

  6. We need turbines as part of our energy portfolio. One question—do you put losing stocks in your portfolio so you have diversified investments? Wind is a loser. Why are we putting it in our portfolio?

  7. What about climate change? Or more accurately, anthropomorphic climate change. There has been no significant warming in over 10 years. Europe and Russia are buried in snow this winter. Australia was hot, the Arctic ice melted and refroze like it does every year. The entire theory is falling apart rapidly. Plus, wind needs backup power so any CO2 saving may be wiped out by manufacturing and backup pollution. Europe, China and India are all building coal fired power plants because wind does not suffice. With a tiny number of countries cutting emissions, all wind does is drive up the cost of energy. (Note: A thoroughly depressed economy uses less fuel, until the resources get stressed and things deteriorate rapidly. It’s generally not a good choice.)


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