How to survive in a “clean energy” dark, cold world

I realized yesterday when I came home to find my power out that this is just the beginning.  As more and more “clean energy” options are implemented and the evil coal and oil phased out, people are going to need to be able to adapt to these outages on a regular basis.  While a large percentage of the country may simply lapse into a depression as the Philippines and India reportedly have, those who are more self-sufficient can take measures to deal with power outages when the wind stops blowing and it’s dark at night.  (Those who love wind and solar will sit wrapped in blankets staring at a blank wall where the TV used to be.  Saving the planet can be a bit foreboding but I am confident they will adapt.)

I will begin with a series on living with intermittent power, choosing between food and lights (reportedly a frequent choice in England)  and dealing with a return to the 18th century.  If over half the country wanted it, it can’t be wrong?  You need not share this with your wind plant supporters as they will only become cranky if you question their righteousness.  On the other hand, to show you really do care, buy them a blanket or two for Christmas.  

Watch for my first posting next week.

2 comments on “How to survive in a “clean energy” dark, cold world

  1. It did not seem to be. When the first 0 to 60 mph winds started this year, there was an outage that corresponded with the wind ramping up. The power company seems to have created a solution thus far.

  2. R.,

    Any idea if the power outage had anything to do with “Green” experiments? If so, it might be an interesting story to read about.

    There sure is a desire out there for us to freeze in the dark!


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