Moms Clean Air Force–clueless and dangerous

Mom’s Clean Air Force, as reported on the AWEA site, is calling for an extension of the PTC for these reasons:

Wind is free.

Wind is clean.

Wind is renewable.

Wind is non-polluting.

Wind doesn’t harm children’s health.

Clueless and dangerous they be for these simple reasons:

  1. Wind is free. Yes, so is gravity. And both are forces in nature, not fuels. You cannot buy or sell forces. They exist.
  2. Wind is clean. Again, wind is a force. It cannot be clean or dirty. Wind energy is clean, maybe? If these moms really believe this, I would hate to see their idea of clean children and clean houses. Wind energy requires mining, refining, manufacturing, transporting and maintenance, none of which is clean.Why do people think wind is clean?

    A. The AWEA says it is (you remember those folks who get billions of your tax money?). Just because these people have a huge stake in the business, their words are true and pure. Unlike the money grubbing oil companies. Wait…..the oil business owns a lot of wind “farms”, a very large number of wind “farms”. This is confusing. Oil lies, wind doesn’t, oil owns wind, so wind lies but wind doesn’t lie…..My head hurts.

    B. Wind may be considered clean because turbines spring forth from magic seeds. It’s a wind “farm” after all.

    C. They want to feel good about themselves by doing something to “save the planet”. Research is not part of that activity in many cases. It’s about feeling good, not knowing good.

  3. Wind is renewable. Seriously? It isn’t even controllable. How can it be renewable? Is there some magic process heretofore kept secret that turns on wind when we need electricity? Can we make the wind blow where the turbines are? If the wind stopped tomorrow, can we restart it?
  4. Wind is non-polluting, wind energy that is. Except for the mining, manufacturing, refining, transportation and maintenance. Maybe the mines for iron ore, bauxite, copper ,etc used in wind turbines have some exemption from the laws of nature and create no pollution? The leaks of hydraulic fluid from the turbine nacelles must evaporate before hitting the ground. The “wind cowboys” (technicians for those who don’t watch The Weather Channel) drive Nissan Leafs or live on site so they create no CO2 emissions. When the turbines no longer produce energy, the turbines turn to dust and return to the earth from which they came.
  5. Wind does not harm children’s health. No, it doesn’t harm these women’s children. This is the most disturbing attitude/belief of all. Mining, refining, and manufacturing of turbines is often done in third world countries with lax or non-existent environmental laws. So sweet Suzy and darling Bobby are safe, while Raja and Pedro die from chemical exposures from the refineries near their homes, or their parents die in mining or manufacturing accidents. There is an entire valley in China irradiated by rare earth mining, but since Suzy and Bobby are safe, who cares? The utter selfishness and callousness of this attitude is imponderable. How can a mother not care that all the ‘clean wind energy” costs the lives of parent and children in other countries. It’s horrifying.

Jumping on the “wind is perfect” bandwagon may be emotionally satisfying and puff up one’s self-esteem, but doing it blindly and foolishly will cost these Mom’s children and grandchildren far more than the status quo ever could. If the fantasies of these moms are believed and acted upon, the future for their children will quite probably include unreliable, massively expensive power. The ensuing conflicts over who can use the scarce, expensive electric power will undoubtedly make the hysteria over particulates in the air created by power plants look trivial . But Mom’s Clean Air Force can proudly proclaim they put their children into a world with clean air and that was all that mattered.

4 comments on “Moms Clean Air Force–clueless and dangerous

  1. Excellent points! Thanks for helping to keep the spotlight on this issue. Most people really are clueless when it comes to wind energy. They suck up the wind propaganda like there’s no tomorrow. No matter how many endangered species are killed, no matter how much pollution is caused, wind gets a free pass, because it’s…..???? What??? Certainly not worth all the destruction and devastation it causes.

  2. Reblogged this on Quixotes Last Stand and commented:
    Excellent thoughts from “Why not wind power”

  3. Myopia is a terrible affliction. However, unlike stupid, it can be fixed.

  4. In the country of Mom’s blind Clean Air Force my one eyed skepticism is King. Expect to be constantly flamed from your six ‘o’ clock Mom.

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