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What Conservation Yields

Rocky Mountain Power has a commercial showing a couple throwing items over a cliff (including a flat-screen TV–all that glass cannot be good for the environment) and says if you waste electricity, it’s like throwing away the things you could have bought if you hadn’t wasted electricity.

I got my bill for September from RMP:

Average use Aug/Sept 2012    42 kw/day                Average cost per day Aug/Sept 2012   $4.22

Average use Aug/Sept 2011     45 kw/day               Average cost per day Aug/Sept 2011    $3.96

(It averaged one degree cooler in 2012 than 2011 and the bill was for 29 days, probably the shorted period for a bill.)

So I used 3 kw/day LESS than in 2012 and paid 26 cents more per day for my electricity.  It seems if I don’t waste electricity and want to save money, Rocky Mountain Power just raises my bill and throws the things I could have bought with the savings over the cliff for me.

Guess I”ll use as much electricity as I want and “throw what I could have bought with the savings” over the cliff myself.  I at least get to enjoy the A/C, television, freezers, frig, lights and other modern conveniences.  Anyway you look at it, my bill will only go up and my savings get pitched over a cliff.


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