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The TV Propaganda Machine Rolls On

I was watching Rizzoli and Isles last night on television. The “genius scientific” medical examiner stated that fracking contaminates ground water. There went her “genius” status and her “scientist” label. Since her biological father is supposed to be a mobster, maybe it was genetics creeping in. In any case, her credibility just dropped to zero and any lawyer out there could easily file to reopen all cases she worked on that involved anyone in politics or the environment. A supposed genius spouting propaganda. Yeah……


Why does this matter and why I am putting this on a wind blog? First, it matters because in our society today people get their science “knowledge” from politically motivated television writers, not actual study. Actresses and actors testify before congress about alar and organic baby food. These people have no credentials and no knowledge of the field they are testifying in, but they are famous and good-looking. It’s interesting that in much of environmentalism, any famous person can testify to bad things happening to the earth, yet in climate change, the only ones we should listen to are the “experts who publish the most in peer reviewed journals” (expert by popularity—I guess it’s kind of the same thing as using famous, but clueless, people). I digress. The reason this matters is people watching Dr. Maura Isles think this is a real person with real knowledge, not an actress spouting lines written by a writer who knows lying about fracking and making it evil will get them an episode for sure.


Why on a wind blog? Because fracking is bad for the earth—and wind is good. Or is it? In the program, a lake was contaminated by fracking (we will overlook the fact that a lake is surface water and fracking contaminates ground water and that a genius would know that….). So let us write a similar program about wind energy:


Fred’s Turbines and Money Laundering (Fred’s for short) decides to put in a wind power plant. Fred sends in large earth movers to cut roads and trees for the turbines and turbine sites. Having hired the cheapest company out there to maximize his own greedy profit, Fred’s contractor decides shoving dirt and trees into the lake is easier than dealing with appropriate removal methods. Then, it’s time to pour the concrete bases for the turbines. The concrete company uses the lake to wash their trucks out because it’s a long ways back to town and you can only get Mike Rowe to clean out your mucked up, dried out cement mixer so many times for free. So at this point, there are trees, dirt and concrete dumped in the lake. Next, the turbine parts are trucked in. More trees are cut when it is discovered that the semi’s hauling the pieces cannot make the turns on the existing roads. Then, three months of diesel trucks in and out hauling one tenth or so of each turbine (one blade per truck, two or three trucks per base and may one truck for the nacelle parts, though it seems likely that is two or three trucks—making about a dozen trucks per turbine. Say there are thirty turbines: that’s 360 trips for just the turbine parts) and there are all of the support trucks. That should increase air pollution dramatically. Those diesel fumes are said to be bad for trees, but if it’s for a wind plant, maybe the trees don’t mind?


During the construction period, all wildlife has been adversely affected. How do I know this? Because environmentalists have for years screamed that drilling for oil drives out wildlife. Having living near an oilfield and on the road used to install turbines, I can tell you that turbine installation is very much louder and more invasive than drill rigs are. So, if drill rigs drive out wildlife, turbines must also.


With the turbines now installed and the wildlife having fled the area, we turn to people in the area. Especially those suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome. The wind industry says there is no such thing. Of course, the chemical companies said Love Canal was safe. If you are going to take the word of the owner of the “health threat” as gospel, then saying Wind Turbine Syndrome doesn’t exist means we should also believe that Love Canal was not a problem. Environmentalists cannot have it both ways—no health threat if it’s their pet project, but a health threat if they don’t like it. That’s called hypocrisy and should be rejected immediately by all who hear it.


As you can see, it’s just as easy to make wind turbines the evil corporate giants damaging the earth for profit. Actually, some very large companies own turbines—oil companies, nuclear power companies, billionaires from all over the country. It’s just as likely they would damage the environment as it is for fracking companies. After all, with fracking, it’s all about money and that’s why bad things happen. With wind, it’s all about money and bad things certainly happen in this industry too. Of course, as far as we know turbines don’t contaminate groundwater, but there’s no reason to believe their construction never contaminates surface water. Thus, evil corporate giant poisoning water……


It’s time to ask yourself why “fracking”, a process used for well over 50 years with no problems, is suddenly evil and why wind turbines, discarded as not appropriate for modern life by none other than FDR (Obama’s hero), are so ecofriendly. Ask yourself how well our TV heroine could do her job if she only had wind power to do it with. I’m not sure how fresh bodies stay if there’s no electricity for a week when the wind does not blow. I’m sure it’s not long.


You will never see anything like the story of the turbines presented on TV. Television is a huge propaganda machine. The other night NBC found someone from NOAA to say the “radical” weather we are having is due to climate change. NOAA’s own website says it is not proven that this is the case. Interestingly, NBC does not have to remind us that GE is it’s owner when it comes to climate change as it does in other areas. GE makes huge profits from the doctrine of climate change. Why does NBC not have to disclose this? It’s a fair question, though I doubt an answer will be forthcoming. Another example of corporate greed?


How does one overcome this problem? I really wish I had a good answer. Until people raise their interest and education high enough to recognize what is going on, the lies and propaganda will continue. Apathy is a wonderful thing when you are using tax money and power to push an agenda that will damage the planet and could set life back 150 years or more. Maybe when the lights go out—well, at least then we won’t have actresses spouting lines that make her look like a moron……No TV might be the up side to the whole “living in the dark ages” thing.


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