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How “green” are turbines

This week I have watched haul trucks with gravel travel up and down my road at the rate of four or so per hour.  Why?  Since they are going through the gate onto the turbine plant area, road maintenance to the turbines seems likely.  Those “green” turbines apparently require a gravel road that is maintained in order to be serviced.  As noted in other writings, I have lived at my current location for 30 years.  The was an oilfield just off the road going to where the turbines currently are.  At first, one could drive around the oilfield and take photos of the mule deer living among the pumpjacks.  Later, a “no trespassing” sign was put up.  That was all that was required to keep people out.  Yet, when the turbines went in, a huge mechanical gate was installed.  So “green” turbines require a huge mechanized gate while oilfield is okay with a small, “no trespassing” sign.  What makes turbines so dangerous or bad or whatever that a huge gate is required.  And why don’t oilfields need more security than turbines, since turbines are so environmentally friendly?

Also, oil field roads tend to be “two tracks”–tire tracks that serve as road.  These tracks are reclaimed by nature when no longer needed.  Turbines have graveled, maintained roads that will remain for years, even if the turbines are not longer in service.  “Two track” versus graveled, maintained.  Which is the baddie here?

Update:  Yesterday (April 25) I saw an OILFIELD truck going through the wind plant gate!  There is hope that some rational behavior remains!

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