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That fixes MY problem, who cares about yours?

Today I received an email concerning the “victory” in wind plants that declared the turbines a health hazard. Spread the news far and wide. Duke Energy is being stopped—except Duke Energy is not being stopped and wind plants aren’t either. One plant is being stopped as a health hazard. This may work for populated areas, but that just means the turbines will go up in say, Wyoming, Montana, Utah. All over BLM land where no one lives so there is no health hazard. The 1000 turbine ecodisaster in the making by I80 isn’t affected.

I have always emphasized the need to fight turbines because they are ineffective. Currently, there is no way to make them effective. In reality, there probably never will be. That’s the reason we switched to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels create reliable energy. Without reliable energy, people live poorer lives. The turbines may actually produce more CO2 than fossil fuels after you sum the amount of energy used to create and maintain them. This is why we need to stop turbines. Any other argument just leads to the turbines being moved to the point of least resistance and dumped there.

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Clearly in the dark on how wind and solar work

Saw this today on the Greenie Watch blog:


This is the only footage showing the failure of the inflatable coal plant.  Is anyone surprised?

On other reports, the increase in rates was reported.  One had the monthly fee going from $10.50 to $15.  I’ll trade with them any day.  My monthly fee is $20 on the first meter, $25 on the second.  When we wired our garage, we put in a second meter.  Thirty years ago, that was the economical way to go.  Our garage is a long ways from our house.  Now, my minimum bill would be $45, plus various fees.  That’s before I switch on a light.  My bills run $150 to $200 per month right now.  I don’t live in a mansion, trust me.

Also, there was some talk about those who use less not wanting to pay for the grid as much as those who use more.  Okay, there is a fundamental lack of knowledge about how things work here.  It doesn’t matter if you use 100 kw or 10,000, it takes the same amount of wire and poles and maintenance to get grid electricity to your house.  Your usage does not matter.  Same thing happened when people bought cars with higher mileage. There was a loss of revenue for highway funds, since fuel taxes are a major source of funding.  High mileage cars were still using the highways, sometimes more than before, because the owners could afford to drive more.  Yet people were angry when fuel taxes were raised and other revenue generating sources tapped.  Additionally, if Michigan were to go to renewables, the bills would increase dramatically.  Wind and solar are extremely expensive and use the same grid no one wants to actually pay for, just use for free.

There is a very easy solution for these people:  DISCONNECT from the grid and use wind and solar on your house.  Show the power company you don’t need that nasty expensive grid or coal power.  Show the world you really are not going to use that evil coal-fired power.  Have the courage of your convictions.  Otherwise, we do not care what you have to say.

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Brief summary of the shortcomings of wind plants

Why Not Wind

1. It’s energy from the weather. The fuel is free, but delivery is at the whim of nature. It’s like having spent $3000 on a pellet stove with free pellets for life, deliveredwhenever the se ller drops them off. If it’s brutally cold, you can either pay for the pellets from some other source or use another form of heat. Maybe you hit the pellet lottery, maybe you don’t. Maybe you hit the wind lottery, maybe not.

2. Turbines kill birds and bats. Yes, cats also kill birds, but until presented with the video of a cat taking down a golden eagle, that statement is meaningless. It’s large raptors that are killed and these birds have low reproductive rates. In addition, millions of bats have their lungs explode. What happened to all that concern about thinning eggs in “Silent Spring”? Forget thinning eggs shells, we have birds whacked by a giant spinning blade and bat lungs exploding.

3. Wind industrializes open space. A wind plant uses as much land as a rural subdivision–except houses are not 400 feet tall with spinning blades. Open spaces and scenic beauty is lost, again something environmentalist used to decry. It is estimated to take 10 to 15 acres per turbines. Spacing has to be adequate or the already low output becomes lower. So many acres are lost to the wind plant–far more than conventional plants.

4. Such and such a country got 85% of its electricity from wind. Yes, and you can get 200 mpg from your car if you can turn the engine off, coast downhill for 180 miles, then use gas for the last 20 miles. These reports are for one tiny speck in time and are nowhere near the actual output generally achieved by the turbines.

5. Wind saves CO2 emissions–or does it? If one calculated the CO2 required to mine, refine, transport, build and maintain a wind plant, it’s unlikely. The claim was that turbines lasted 20 years. Reality is closer to 10 years with constant repair. In spite of the fantasy of wind proponents, turbines are very costly and must be constantly maintained and repaired. It’s not a case of putting them up and walking away while the turbines do all the work.

6. The cost of wind remains high, in spite of being an industry over 30 years mature. Subsidies and tax breaks are part of the problem, as are 20 year contracts at very high costs. All this for part-time energy that would never had made it in society without huge amounts of government mandates and handouts.

7. There are reports that wind turbines can cause something called “wind turbine syndrome”. This includes sleep disorders, irritability, etc. There is also “shadow flicker” which occurs at sunrise or sunset, depending on the direction the turbines are turned. It’s a strobe effect which can be very disconcerting to anyone in the area. The turbines produce low-level vibrations which may affect animals and humans (said vibration has caused problems in other applications so it is reasonable to suspect it’s a problem with turbines).

8. Wind turbines can decrease property values in the area near the turbines. Turbines are often in areas with low populations, where the wind plant is forced on those living in the area. It’s the powerful dumping the turbines on those who have much fewer resources to fight back. Often those who insist on wind power will then hypocritically refuse to have turbines “in their back yards” because of the reduction in property value and quality of life. The true NIMBY’s are the ones pushing for wind energy.

9. Wind can never replace coal, natural gas and other fuels used for electrical generation. It would take millions of turbines to do this, storage for the electricity when the wind does not blow, and solar panels to help take up some of the load. The amount of materials and land required for the turbines, mines, factories, roads for transport and other associated costs is staggering. Millions of acres of land would be destroyed, habitat for wildlife lost and the CO2 used in creating the turbines could never be recouped in the life span of the turbines. It would be an ecological disaster.

DSCN2599                    Speed Star 1.1532354  00                       Speed Star 1.1464381  00                   Casper Wind with deliberate photo angle

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Words Fail Me!!

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul



Ignoring interest and running costs, we can see it would have paid back its cost in 800 years time.

Quite apart from the astonishing initial waste of taxpayers’ money, there is also the question of how much the Welsh Government were paying for maintenance, until the manufacturer went bust.

One would assume it must have been significantly more than £5/month. It is one thing wasting money on the initial project. But once it was operational and the income and costs easily identified, why was it not shut down years ago?

It also begs the question, how many more wind turbines like this one are also as ineffective?

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Wind turbine syndrome in animals?

There is a news article out of Denmark: “Denmark: 1,600 animals were born prematurely at a mink farm this month. Many had deformities, and most were dead on arrival. The lack of eyeballs was the most common malformation. Veterinarians ruled out food and viruses as possible causes. The only thing different at the farm since last year has been the installation of four large wind turbines only 328 meters away.”

Read more here: http://www.theecoreport.com/green-blogs/technology/energy/windproblems/1600-miscarriages-at-fur-farm-near-wind-turbines/

It is quite interesting because it would now allow for an actual scientific, double-blind test.  Minks could be observed with cameras by a researcher that does not know where the minks are located.  If the minks near the wind turbines kill their young, that’s strong evidence.  Then the minks get moved around and rated again.  If those near the turbines again attack their young and miscarry at high rates, that is very strong evidence that the turbines are the cause. This is just one place and more study is necessary.

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Environmentalist cruelty to human beings

It’s bad enough when the sadists in the new media blame tornados and storms on AGW, when these have existed since the world began, and use the deaths as propaganda for their world religion of global warming, but when a small plane in South Dakota went down in a wind turbine area and one of the turbines showed damage, the rabid environmentalists were enraged that the turbine might be blamed.  Many of the headlines were not so bold, though several said “turbine kills” to which the turbine fanatics replied that these idiots in the plane deserved to die if they couldn’t see a wind turbine in fog and bad weather.  Some accused the pilot of murder.  Others stated there are maps of these things and if you can’t read a map, well, you deserve to die.  That’s the people who “CARE” so much.

Wow.  Can you imagine if every car wreck was accompanied by thousands of environmentalists chanting “Oil kills. Oil kill.”  Huge celebrations when buses crash and kill many passengers.  Okay, do not tell me this is not going to happen.  People posted on line that a pilot that hit a turbine in fog was a murderer with no evidence except the pilot was evil and turbine was good.  Once empowered with the right to celebrate a small number of deaths by fossil fuels, the rabid environmentalists will only go on to bigger targets.  Buildings burning down due to gas leaks.  I can see whole parades celebrating the largest number of people killed by a gas leak.  After all, the people using these fuels are evil and damaging the planet.  That’s the way these people think.  If you have any doubt, look up AOL or ABC links to the story.  There is absolute rage that the media would implicate the turbine in the whole picture.  Turbines are saints.

I am linking to the local news as it has the least cruel, evil comments about people deserving to die for using fossil fuels:


The abject, inhuman cruelty of environmentalists really should be a clue as to their eventual goal.  However, just as with any such movement, the people writing the comments believe they are on the side of right.  They are clueless that this is about power and that should the movement actually grow to the point of running things, those foot soldiers are going to be vilified just as much as those whom the soldiers vilified.  The only way power obtained by cruelty and lies stays in power is with cruelty and lies.  When fossil fuels are gone, they’re going to need a new target.  So, foot soldiers, checked the back of your uniform lately????

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Using weather to provide energy

Today, Rush Limbaugh said Europe was “using weather to provide energy”.  I thought that was in interesting way of looking at wind and solar.  Bottom line, that is what wind and solar generation is doing–using weather to create energy.  We all realize how unpredictable and changeable weather is and to realize that we are staking our economic futures and the safety and warmth of our homes on weather really brings home just how bad and idea is.  Wind and solar are not renewable and never were.  However, I suppose renewable was an easier sell than “using weather to provide energy”.

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